Shorter day/night cycles on Towny

For the day/night cycles on Towny to be shortened (drastically) to somewhere around the 20 min mark on vanilla survival.

Why it will be good:
Having such a long cycle affects mob spawns and other features such as turtle eggs that take a few days to hatch. Right now the cycle seems to be extremely long, I afked on mining world for many hours to come back to the smallest change in the sun’s position. Towny is supposed to be like survival mc (as far as I know), this is very far off the normal cycle and is quite inconvenient.

How it will work in code/other functions
A change in the server configurations or using command blocks in Towny’s spawn chunk

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Someone who has access to the code, it shouldn’t take very long.

Which server?
Towny and mining world


The config for towny just needs to be updated so it follows the normal minecraft pattern. When timeturner got updated to use config, the config never got added for towny.

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we also need to set it so it doesnt biome change in towny and mining world.

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Can you please report this as an issue on git on the timeturner project