Shulker boxes glitching with kShop Plugin


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Random items dropping from owls - [UNKNOWN] - [Hogwarts]
Shops is bugging out due to alcohol - [KShops] - [ALL]

What is the Bug?: If a shulker box is named a name of a kshop that exists on Mordonia, for example “RP Heads” or even a player shop like “Siph’s Specials”, items are not able to be placed into the shulker box, the entire inventory locks up until the name of the shulker is changed. <- Screenshot example

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.12.2 Optifine

Steps to reproduce bug:
//BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. If your steps are not clear or missing pieces we may not be able to find the bug and label it ‘this user is stupid’.

  • Name a shulker a name of a kshop for example “Siph’s Specials”
  • Place, and open. Try to place items in.
  • Rename the shulker box to something that is not a kshop, like “Ooga Chacka”, place, and open, and you are able to place items in.

Is there anything else to include that isn’t part of reproducing it? Haven’t tested to see if it occurs cross server, I don’t imagine it would.

IGN: Aidoro

Did you relog before submitting this bug report? Yes.

Did you actually check the other bug reports first? Yes.

Did you make sure your title is CLEAR and to the POINT not something cute or poorly worded so we can identify this bug with it’s content? Yuppers

Did you actually follow the documentation or did you think ‘nah i will risk a 48 ban to post something stupid’? I followed the documentation.

There was a post made about this today… in announcements…

This is the bug report that goes with it

I had figured out the bug with the help of Jordan and was asked to place it here to go along with the announcement ^-^

you could have stopped reporting on ‘kshops has bugs’ we know, it needs to be rewritten, at this point, reporting bugs for it is pretty useless bc it isnt item based, its encryption based so all items will glitch out at some point or another.

After Jordan and I worked it out, we were asked by a co-owner to be place here to go along with the announcement, I’m sorry if it’s been acknowledged and reported before.

it hasnt been, just all items in general are bugged out in knockturn shops. Reporting more bugs at this point just means it will be longer for me to code, because the more bugs reported = the less i feel eager to return to the code base to start, because in order to code, i will sift through every single bug here first and that means i wont start coding until i have reread everything. In the case of knockturnshops, just assume its been reported, it will be fixed in the rework