Skins! (Hogwarts/Other)

Heyo, I’m Kiral and I’m addicted to making skins. If you want a skin made for you or even reshaded with my own style, I’d be happy to do so! Some examples of my shading/style;
Skin Skinn Skinnn

it can either be a Hogwarts skin or just a normal one. A reference either written or shown with a picture is needed if you want me to make it for you. I prefer to do female skins but I can attempt male ones.
(would refrain from Mordonia skins, idk how they would turn out – might be able to do dresses tho)

Written reference:
Hair colour/style;
Skin tone; (pale, tan, dark-skinned)
Shirt colour/style;
Pants colour/style;
Shoes colour/style;
Other; (Socks, bows, rips, etc.)
House; (IF NEEDED)

If you need more of an insight to my style, you can check me out on PMC as Echoelle, though those aren’t my favourite/best ones.

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Written reference: I’d like a Ravenclaw house robes skin essentially in the style of your huffle one up there

Gender: Female

Hair colour/style: If you look up my current skin (ya know what imma attach a picture) could my hair be a darkish purple similar to that

Eyes and Skin tone: If possible I’d like to keep my current face/eyes

Shirt colour/style; Light grey / Hogwarts+ tie
Pants colour/style; Black/ Hogwarts skirt
Shoes colour/style; Grey sneakers
Other; (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) dANK GLASSES
House; Ravenclaw

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Written Reference : Blond hair with red highlights, hair length down to the elbows. A black sweater with rainbow stripes on it. Jean short shorts and black leather boots with no socks showing. I want her to have bangs sloped to the right side. There should be an eye barely showing from the bangs and her eyes should be yellow near the bottom, but a slight purple tinge at the top.
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Blond with red tips, bangs sloping to the right side with a little eye showing
Eyes : Yellow at the bottom, but goes to purple at the top
Skin Tone : Pale
Shirt Style / Colour : Black sweater with rainbow stripes, longsleeved loose
Pants : Short light-coloured jean shorts
Shoes : Black Leather boots

Could you do a Mordonia skin? :stuck_out_tongue:

What about payment?

possibly… :>
what do you have in mind?

I don’t really care about payments unless offered. \o/

wavy or straight hair?

Wavy please :3

Written reference: I’d like wavy, baby blue hair with blue eyes slightly darker than the hair. For clothes I’d like a Gryffindor tie & sweater with a black skirt, white stockings, and black boots.
Gender; Female
Hair colour/style; Baby blue, wavy
Eyes; Sky blue
Skin tone; (pale, tan, dark-skinned) Pale
Shirt colour/style; Light gray with Gryffindor tie
Pants colour/style; Black skirt
Shoes colour/style; Black boots
Other; (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) white stockings
House; (IF NEEDED) Gryffindor

I’ve been looking for someone to make me a skin forever :smiley: These are amazing by the way!

Written reference: I’d like some dank Ravenclaw robes like Bellona’s, just for a guy.

Gender; Male

Hair colour/style; Navy Blue / Semi Short

Eyes; Dark Purple

Skin tone; (pale, tan, dark-skinned) Pale

Shirt colour/style; Ravenclaw Robes

Pants colour/style; Ravenclaw Robes

Shoes colour/style; Black

Other; (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) N/A

House; (IF NEEDED) RAVENCLAW :smiley:

And does 50 galleons sound good?

Hi! Can I just have a shading for my Knockturn Skin ONLY (Other skin for reference.)?

KnockturnMC Skin:

RegularMC Skin:

Can you shade the face in and the mask, like in the RegularMC skin? Also, under the overlay of the KnockturnMC skin, there’s a cape on the back, can you shade that in, with the bat insignia? Thanks, I’ll pay you 15 galleons, somehow I don’t know!

P.S. Also could you add gloves (black) to KnockurnMC skin? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Knockturn Name: Joey Spencer
Mordonia Name: Don’t really use Mordonia
Minecraft Name: JoeyOreo_Batman

Written reference: Female character having long, wavy hair dyed in an ombre style with the roots being lighter and becoming darker as you get down the hair. I’d like your style of eyes, dark brown eyes though. My skin tone would be pale. I really like your second style shirt, so if I could use that design but being a cyan color. For jeans and shoes, I like the first design’s style (without the ripped parts of the jeans.)
Gender; Female
Hair colour/style; Brown Ombre, lighter brown at the roots becoming darker / Long, wavy hair
Eyes; Dark brown eyes, designed as your style
Skin tone; (pale, tan, dark-skinned) Pale
Shirt colour/style; Cyan / Style #2
Pants colour/style; Dark blue (navy) jeans not ripped though ^-^
Shoes colour/style; Same as Style #1
Other; (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) N/A
House; (IF NEEDED) N/A

Oo this is super cute :smiley: I’ve been wanting to switch up my skin

Gender: Female

Hair colour/style: Medium/ Darkish brown at medium length or long hair.

Eyes: Dark green but still visibly green (not so dark that you can’t tell the color)

Skin tone: (pale, tan, dark-skinned) Pale xD

Shirt colour/style: Green sweater or gray/black with green accents, any style you want

Pants colour/style: Just some denim jeans, possibly torn a bit but not necessary

Shoes colour/style: Either boots or plain shoes, idrc

Other: (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) A scarf would be nice, i like the cozy look of a sweater and scarf combo

House: (IF NEEDED) Slytherinnn >:D

Catherine McKinnon aka Cather1ne. I would like to pay you ^-^ (maybe like 50g? or just let me know how much)

Written reference: I’d like a Gryffindor house robes skin that resembles the Hufflepuff one shown.

Gender: Female

Hair colour/style: Brown, I’ll link a picture for the swoop thingy I have in front

Eyes: Could I keep my eyes? I’ll attach a picture.

Skin tone: (pale, tan, dark-skinned) Could I also keep my face?

Shirt colour/style: Light grey Hogwarts sweater, Gryffindor tie

Pants colour/style: Black Hogwarts skirt

Shoes colour/style: Black flats (if sneakers work more/look better, could I have those?)

Other: (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) Grey uniform socks

House: (IF NEEDED) Gryffindor


Written reference:My character is women from the server of Mordorina. She is prefered to be in a red dress with cream lace, it should technically be along her sleeves and maybe the bottom of the skirt of the dress could be tan aswell.
Gender; Female
Hair colour/style; She has brown hair, Amber ombre on her bangs and the end of her fair
Eyes; Blue
Skin tone; Pale
Shirt colour/style; (It’s a dress) Technically, red?
Pants colour/style; (It’s a dress)
Shoes colour/style; (not showing)
Other; (Socks, bows, rips, etc.) One cream bow in the back, any style!

Original skin!For hair reference!


Written reference: A boy with my current face with a green shirt and green trousers
Gender; Male
Hair colour/style; Brown Hair
Skin tone; Pale
Shirt colour/style; Green short sleeve shirt with a dark green jacket (Zip open)
Pants colour/style; Jeans (Not ripped)
Shoes colour/style; Black and white trainers

This is my current face

is that all you want me to do or would you like me to shade in the entire skin?

Written reference:I love your skin i’m after a Raven Claw male with robes on like the winter look like the hood part could have fur on it with the school uniform that would be amazing.


Hair colour/style; Brown and messy like in the photo I sent

Eyes; Blue

Skin tone; Pale

Shirt colour/style; Hogwarts uniform so any would be fine

Pants colour/style; Black

Shoes colour/style; Anything would be fine

Other; Fur on the robes

House; Ravenclaw

Yes please!