Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff - match report

Missing permissions and a lack of players. Today, Slytherin faced Hufflepuff in an exciting match. But let us begin with the first few minutes before the match started: for a long time, it looked like we would watch a 5 vs. 5 players match. Then two players were about to join the Hufflepuff team. But unfortunately Hufflepuff Captain App Spiritus, who didn’t show up to the match, forgot about giving those players the permission to attend official matches. On the other side Slytherin got one more player. Gavin Tripp playd as Beater for Slytherin, while chaser Owne Martin switched to the beater position on Hufflepuff side. After a quick rearrangment the match started.
Untill the the half of the total match time, it was a very exciting match. Always neck on neck playing. One moment this team was in the lead, in the next moment the other one. But Hufflepuff seemed to go ahead more and more. But all of a sudden, Slytherin started scoring a lot, more than Hufflepuff. A constant phase began, in which the Chasers Malfoy and Marshall had a run. They scored until they hit the 430 points. Then the seeker in green and silver Sergio Krum caught the snitch. 2 matches in a row Krum caught the snitch and boosts the score of his team. The end result: Slytherin 570 - 230 Hufflepuff!
A bit disappointing for Hufflepuff, as tehy started the season with a declassification of Ravenclaw.

Congratz to the team around the missing in action Captain Cris Malfoy!



Ps: the name Collins got squeezed in the image, I just see it now. Dun judge it