Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw - match report

Today is an important match day, because today will end the current season. But already the first match of the day is worth it to be called a sensation. Slytherin and Ravenclaw showed an amazing and exciting match. Slytherin with Chessur Prion in the first string. On the other side, Ravenclaw again with the veteran Bob Titan as keeper, the Gianluigi Buffon of the Quidditch league.
The match started with neck and neck play. Ravenclaw with a slightly lead, but Slytherin kept scoring and stood close to Ravenclaws score. Ravenclaw with their experienced chaser squad around Captain Pinkie Schoenheit could not widen the gap, they lost many times the quaffle right behind the middle of the pitch, where keeper Narcissa Riddle was already waiting. Slytherin, with a furious play, made it to claim the lead and kept scoring until there was a point, where Ravenclaw only could win, if the seeker caught the snitch.
But Harry Barnes concluded the sensation, as he closed his fingers around the small golden snitch and took Ravenclaw any chance to reach the final match. Slytherin found it’s old and long missed power and can now start into a new season with a victory in the back.
The end result, a deserved 380-160.

Congratulations to the team around Slytherin Captain Cris Malfoy!


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