Slytherin wins Quidditch Cup!

The season is over and it is an honor to whitness the first Quidditch Cup win of the Slytherin House team. After a great season, in which they haven’t lost any match and showed their best form, they finally hold the cup hin their hands. The cup left the Gryffindor common room at the same day and The Slytherin common room got a new showcase in which the cup now stands. The congratulations go to:

Cris Malfoy
Harry Malfoy
Johnny Marshal
Harley Marshall
Will Collins
Darwin Anderson
Cassie Anderson
Catherine McKinnon
Sergio Krum
(if I forget anyone, let me know)



Congratz to Harry Malfoy who honestly deserves this cup so much. He put his all into the team and played hard and managed legit the entire team. Congratz Kazoo Buddy, your team deserves this!

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Grats to the sneks this season!

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eww now the trophy smells like moldy feet ;v;

We got snek germs on it >:D

Maybe it’s time to get some feathers on it?

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