Small limited protection for miningworld

Not entirely sure if this is a NEW idea, but here it goes. Small limited protection. For example, a player can protect at most only a 20*20 area in miningworld. Something like:

Reason for my suggestion

A player used a hacked client to track my location in two different places thousands of blocks away from each other. It’s impossible to have found both of them by chance. Entered both bases, looted, and destroyed. I don’t mind that the player looted. Like, who cares. Minecraft is a big world of resources, reason for which I left some chest (not all) unprotected on purpose. The point is that the player griefed on purpose.

When you think about it, what is the point of killing another player’s animals after stealing over 3 stacks of 64 of meat from them? See the picture? It’s no matter if they come in and steal, I have a lot. But killing all my animals and destroying both of my homes who are thousands of blocks apart, including the enchanting place? It was malicious griefing no matter how one looks at it. And griefing is no fun… Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe griefing and destroying is actually fun and gives a lot of laughs and giggles. I should give it a try elsewhere and then talk whether it’s fun or not. Anyways…

Am I angry? No. It’s a game. Just suggesting a plugin that came as an idea after I saw what happened.

Why it will be good:
It might discourage malicious playing.

How it will work in code/other functions

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature

Which server?
Towny (Miningworld)

Wouldn’t know if a plugin like that would take a toll on the server.

It’s been stated in previous places I believe that you are not intended to live in miningworld. Towny is for living and miningworld is for mining resources.

It costs $10,000 of Towny money to create your own town, which can be gathered if you find and smelt ores. If you’re really set on accomplishing it, it can take less than 2 hours.

If a user has used hacks, that is reportable as we don’t allow hacked clients, but you only get full protection if you live on the portion of the server intended for such things.

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Follow up:

How do I switch to miningworld?

Someone killed me and took my stuff, is this allowed?

If it is in mining world, yes, otherwise, most likely not.
Contact a moderator if you are killed in your towny town or in the main server and lost your stuff.
Note that Mordonia might have different rules.