Smile's 2 years on Knockturn!

2 years ago on July 1st 2017 I joined KnockturnMC.
I was a little newb who had no idea what to do but luckily Smol was there to help. I was amazed by all the builds, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest and way more. Little did I know that this server would change my life forever.

Ever since I joined I have learned alot of things, back in 2017 I was kind of a troll, but ever since then Knockturn has helped me to grow more mature and learn alot of things. I think that the best part about Knockturn isn’t the server but the players. Every single person that I have met on Knockturn has had an effect on my life, both positive and negative. I’ve had so many great memories with people that I can’t imagine not having met them.

Without Knockturn my life would be different, very different. Knockturn has given me fun, love, knowledge but most importantly friends. People say that online friends aren’t real, or are worse than in real life friends. However I believe that online friends can be even better than real life ones.

In my journey here at Knockturn I have met many amazing people but I want to mention the ones who I feel like I can’t miss in my life now. So here we go:

@Penny I don’t know what to say besides the fact that I’m so so glad that I proposed to you on Emily’s brewing floor. Ever since that moment I’ve had so much fun with you and I seriously wouldn’t know how to live without you. You’re the world to me and I want to let you know that I love you, whatever you do, whatever mistakes we might make, I’m always there for you. I love you, Penny :heart:

@Daniel Ever since I met you I’ve enjoyed spending time with you. You always bring a smile on my face (hah that sounds ironic) and you’ve grown to be one of the best friends on Knockturn I have ever had. You’re a role model to me, someone to look up to. I can’t imagine not being your friend anymore. You’re always there for me, when I need help on Knockturn, or help in real life. Thanks for being such a good friend Dani :upside_down_face:

@Napstablook Oh boy I can’t imagine how I would be like now if you didn’t guide me when I joined. You made me so interested in the server that I decided to stay and I’m forever grateful for that. Not only that is why I mentioned you, though. You’re such an amazing person Smol, you’re funny, have a great accent and I love spending time with you. Whether that’s on Knockturn or while in a voicechat. You’re so important to me and I can’t miss you nowadays :two_hearts:

@Michelle My god Michelle, how could I not mention you. You’re incredibly important to me, mostly because we’ve known eachother for so long now. I can’t tell you how cool you are and how much I wish I knew as much as you did. You always have an answer to any question, on Knockturn and also IRL. I hope that you’ll never forget that if you need anyone to talk to I’m always there for you :handshake:

Thanks for helping with how to deal with certain IRL situations :sweat_smile:

@Guneapigler Ryder Ryder Ryder, the girl who can do anything. From Builder to Professor, from Moderator to Staff Head you can do it all. You’re so talented but also so kind, loving, cool, funny and many more things. You are always there for me and I hope you will remain one of my best friends for many more years :relaxed:

@Muzika Jordan I love you. Yes I love you for who you are. You’re so amazing and even though you may not realise it yourself you are so so cool. Please keep being who you are and never forget to love yourself too, friends are very important but keep thinking about yourself too :slightly_smiling_face:

@CrystalmtG Glimlach, Smiley or whatever you call me 6pm is not my bedtime! Okay jokes aside I really enjoy having you around. You’re always funny and it’s nice to have someone to talk Dutch to. Your personality is amazing and I’m super grateful to have you as a friend.

@Axel AJAX! Okay yeah we support Ajax alot and thanks for being hyped about football together with me :joy: I really enjoy talking to you because we are really similair. We both are Dutch, we love Knockturn, we love casting spells, we love football and many more things. I also want to say that the voicechats we had were amazing :rofl:

@Max Praise the god of them all, the mighty Max! Max is like the father of the entire server, he’s the big teddy bear that welcomes everyone to be friends. He has an incredible amount of humor and I really enjoy being in voicechats with you, thanks for being such a great German :beer:

@Keyla KOALA XD Okay uhm I really thank you for the fun times and the many spells I have learned from you. You’re really amazing and thanks for the funny name :koala:

@Brand Costar! Thanks for all the bread and fun times we’ve had. Keep being who you are and remember, you’re amazing :bread:

@Anthaxas Antieee, thanks for spending hours with me on that darn parkour, we really had an amazing time and I’ll never forget that. Sergio fell asleep but we didn’t! :joy:

@EHari Harii thanks for teaching me so many things and doing all the tests with me. You’re such a cool, amazing and incredibly kind person so keep being who you are :blue_heart:

@Horace Thanks for all the time discussing irl stuff with me and letting me assist all those classes, you’re an amazing professor and should never forget that! :open_book:

@Nygmatic Noogmaa thanks for teaching me so many quidditch things. I hope you’ll come back asap brother :yellow_heart:

Some other people I really want to mention because they’re really important to me are: Avery, Cassie, Alex, Ashlee, Randy, Johnny, Kira, Bellona, Carter, Cris, Michael, Jack, Sergio and last but not least the entire staff team of Knockturn. Thanks to everyone here for all the fun times. I can’t tell you how important you all are to me and I’m super thankful for being a part of Knockturn. (If I forgot anyone I’m really sorry but just know that everyone I’ve met in my entire journey here has been important to me, don’t forget that.) :heart:


Congrats on 2 years Smile!

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aww you’re make me blush :see_no_evil:

Grats on two years!

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Woah I’m glad I look like I know everything, because trust me, I’m like “what the heck am I supposed to do aaaa” 99% of the time :joy:

Congrats on 2 years, welcome to the squad :heart: Now triple the more! :sparkles:

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Really grateful to have met you and you are one of my closest ktn friends too~ :heart:
Grats and your 2 years and elcome to the 2yr squad! :tada::sparkles::tada::sparkles::tada::sparkles:

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OOH two years already??! Well that’s one more sign that time passes by so fast! Anyways, congratulations on two years, and welcome to the two years club! :heartpulse::revolving_hearts::smile::blush:

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I’m so glad Penny married you, you have joined my family and became one of the most important people to me on Knockturn. You’re a great son, friend, and much more. Congrats on two years baby stone :yellow_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:

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Yessss. You are one of the most sincere, hard-working, and enthusiastic players I know. Keep being great and congrats on your two years :tada::tada:

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kicks several bodies behind a bush

Kind? Right! Yes! Thank you dearie! Grats on two years!
It’s been a pleasure seeing you grow and mature as you played on the server <3

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Gratz on 2 years, lil padavan. May the fork be with you. Also, even tho it went well in your case: a proposal under alcoholic conditions is not a good base for a relationship. You made me so jealous on that (jkjk). Stay the way you are fam

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Love you so much, Glimlach! Go to bed! :heart:
So grateful for you and congrats!! :smiley: :heart: :zzz:

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No we didn’t :slight_smile:

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