Smile's one year :D!

(I know I definately haven’t been online for 1 year due to being inactive for some time but I’m still making it)

So I joined this server 1st of july and my first impression was amazing. I had played some Harry Potter servers before but this one was by far the best. I loved the buildings and everything. I don’t know who guided me but I do know that Seph Prion helped me understand how to cast spells. Thanks for that :wink:

When I played more I learned more and more about spells, brooms etc. I really liked how everything worked and I’m glad I joined the server.

Since joining the server I have made alot of friends but some friends are never to be forgotten. (If you’re on this list then you’re a good friend of me :wink:


You were my first :heart: on hogwarts. I really liked how much we rped and casted spells together. We wandered the castle and had loads n loads of fun. It was really a good thing I met you :smiley:


You were my first love on mordonia :heart: we had alot of fun rping and listening songs. You are definitaly one of my best friends ever on the server. Thanks for the fantastic memories.

Jack Green, Sky Green, Mint Green and back to Jack again. Idk how many times I’ve said ur dumb changing ur name all the time xD. U were and still are a very good friend of mine and it was definately fun hanging around in ur shop all day.

Vince idk how to tell u but I’m so happy u came back on the server again. U were banned and u were very stupid but at least ur back :smiley: It’s so fun hanging out with you and getting drunk all night. Thanks for being such a good friend.

Daddy Fayre. You were a good dad in mordonia (and rich xD) and it was fun to rp. Unfortunately some stupid game took over my life (I dun rly play it anymore) and we didn’t rp anymore sowyy :cry: but we had fun rps and we will have many more! (I hope xD)

Horace white bones lovegood. Man. Ur such a nice person I really loved playing with you and being ur borther in mordonia. It was alot of fun playing and good thing that we met :slight_smile:

@Napstablook I’ll give u a smol paragraph bcs I remember u being a Smol helper and getting Mod and when I came back u were an admin and later on even Co-Owner! I’m so amazed of how far you’ve gotten and ur really my inspiration on becoming staff! Keep going and making the server great!

Some people I wanna say thanks to:
Ash, Ties, Will, Zoe, Pandette, (All the staff), Kristen (for the puns xD) Goose, Lily and everyone else I forgot.

Thanks for giving me such a good experience on this server everyone!


Hell yeah we did, And we’ll have some more in the future, dw


Oooo look you’re playing Knockturn for one year now! Oh my, time passes really fast. Congratulations Smile! :heart:


Welcome to the 1 year squad!!!


Congratss! \o/


Congrats :heart::heart:


Aww ty :heart: and congrats on hitting that one year!


Honestly I’ve also been here for a year, but Im to lazy to make a 1yr post


I tell ya. My puns are famous for being annoying

Grats on one year! welcome to the oldies club! xD be prepared to get pun-ished even more now! but dw, I’m only really going to unleash my wrath when I get back. So continue Smile -ing until then! xD