Snap Bracket Tournament!

Hey Guys! Mel and Johnny here!

We are going to be hosting a Snaps Event THIS Saturday! The tournament is going to go through brackets so everyone who joined will get multiple chances!

We ask you to sign up here so that we can know about how many people will be there, but walk ins are also welcomed!

Date: 25th of April, 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm EST
Where: Dueling Room (will take people there from EH if needed)

Sign up format:
RP Name:

1st: Snap Deck
2nd: Pet Ticket
3rd & 4th: Money


RP Name: Smile King
IGN: smilemaster8

RP Name: Emily Stump
IGN: OPbees

RP name: Tom Devora
IGN: kthrough12

RP Name: Cris Malfoy
IGN: Ctr56

RP Name: Lilly Arima
IGN: CrystalizingBlue

RP Name: Bess Flamel
IGN: Bess_days

RP Name: Haley King
IGN: vcam123

RP Name: Meow Malfoy
IGN: MeowMagic

RP Name: Helianthus Bones
IGN: ChlorosPhyllon

RP Name: Alex Weiss
IGN: AlexMines_

RP Name: Rey Wayland
IGN: Tereazer

RP Name: Magdalene Mulciber
IGN: Your_Buddy_Bill
(at least I think that’s my IGN, it’s been too long)

Jordyn Collins

RP Name: Emma Rose
IGN: EmmaRose33

RP Name: Sky Davis
IGN: MementoMori69

Congratulations to Emily Stump for winning the tournament and the special deck and thank you to everyone who participated! :smiley:

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