Snaps Event

Hello, Knockturn!
Yes, there is another one of these. They’re just fun and all around a good time :3.
The tournament will take place on Friday, June 9th at 9pm-10pm est. Similar to past snaps events, winners will get the following prizes:
1st: 150 Galleons
2nd: 100 Galleons
3rd: 50 Galleons.

Now, due to the event’s later time and previous experiences, there is no application you have to fill out in order to participate. You just have to show up, and I will give instructions on how to participate in an alert. Right, it’s that simple.

Hope to see you there! o/


Aww can’t make it, I hate timezones. Well good luck to everyone, have fun!


Yeah, I know how you feel. Even though most competitions aren’t held in real in game time, I end up missing all of the classes by the time I get home ;-;

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I got 4th last time I did the snaps event… Hope I make it past the 1st round maybe even get 3rd );

I’ll be there <3 I’ve never really played snaps much before, but I know how UNO works

I’ll be there for sure. I love UNO and I remember my first snaps game. I played against Birdie Flamel and won my second game. Good luck to everyone! I’m not great at snaps but I do like money.