Sold! no need to click

Im selling a Comet 180 Broom! My Hogwarts name is Teagan Robertson and my IGN is pinkdrinq!
Msg or mail if you’re interested. Broom levels 4+ ish can ride it ;D

I also forgot to mention this but im selling it for 150 galleons. The original price is 250 galleons, so I will be giving it to you for 100 less.

Hi Teagan is there anychange I can buy the broom I haven’t got any galleons at the moment but I will save up for it and give you the galleons straight away when I get it

Yes you can buy the broom, but I would like if you could give me the galleons when you do buy it, currently you are my only offer so you will most likely get it. If you can get the 150 tell me and ill log on for the exchange.

Would the comet be good for doing seeker at quidditch?

I think it would be. You need to be level 4 or 5 to ride it, and it is a quite fast broom, which lets you catch up to the snitch. I myself am not an expert, so if you would like an exact answer you should probably speak to your quidditch captain.

How much was u selling it for?

150 galleons, 250 is the original in-store price. So you get it for 100 less :slight_smile:

I try to get it by tomorrow know I got 68 by killing sheep today

okay! sounds good!

Good news I be able to buy the broom tomorrow I have 105 galleons atm so it wont take me long to gain 150

wonderful thank you

I have 125 right now

If you are online lol

I have the galleons :smiley:

great! im logging on now

Meet u at hagrids me and my friend are hunting a troll fast