Sort of Mia - Stacey Longbottom / Erik Nesaea

I should’ve probably made this earlier, but I’m at my dad’s for 3 weeks. Originally, I thought I would have more time for KT, but I’ve been busy with attending events or movies and spending time with my dad a lot. I’ll try to come on whenever I can. (I’ll be mostly just checking Discord or briefly get on Minecraft) Love y’all KT <3

Missing my son for 3 weeks? D: Have fun tho :hearts: o/
(ps, poke me about fairy tail when ya get moments xD)

Nuu Staplerik ;-; xD. We’ll miss you and Have fun! :smile:

You’re not allowed to go MIA staples get back here ehen you can <3

I shall miss you mother / fiancé
Have an amazing time !
But don’t die without us <3