Spell Scrolls Should Remain a Mystery



Hello folks. I’m sure many of you have heard of, if not once held a spell scroll in your hand. Not knowing the spell you get has always been intentional. If we wanted you to know what spell it was, it’d be the Lumos Scroll or the Periculum Scroll.

But these are spell scrolls. They’re supposed to be unknown until you use them. Trying to find out beforehand, what spell you have, makes them pointless.

So the folks behind spell scrolls are setting scroll ID’s to be treated the same as high tier spell movements used to be treated.

  • You can’t ask for money to id them
  • You can’t share the true form of a spell scroll to everyone and anyone that asks
  • You can’t share the method of finding the id

You can sell a spell scroll, but they should be similar to a loot crate, in that the user should not know what spell they are getting until they use it.


This’ll be an interesting spin to the spell system. However, I do suggest making them a bit more common for the new players coming in, along with a possible quest/storyline to obtain specific spell scrolls. Much like how certain years didn’t learn specific spells in the books.

For example, being only a fifth year or so? Harry could manage to produce a complete patronus despite many people at the Ministry incapable of even producing vapor.


Everyone wants to be the main character, but if everyone is special, no one is special ~~~ don’t forget that.


Solid reasoning 10/10


Are we allowed to tell people what we think it can be though? Like, based on which spells we’ve already got (if we try to use and it doesn’t work) or not


Guess not according to the new rule


Question why are we mekin’ this stuff visible then. Did @LynxPlay want them to be visible or did he not know how to hide lore with alternate color codes trick? If you really want this to be invisible we could edit them so it is…

I know some rules are needed bc you cant cover EVERYTHING with plugins, but this one seems to be a no-brainer

Cant stop stressing the concept of ‘if a plugin has the functionality to prevent sthing, instead of mekin’ a rule for people to follow we should probably consider altering the plugin


Personally? I think it’s not very fair to players that there are scrolls like Ferula and Lumos lying around if there’s no way to ID them. Lootcrate-style interactions with the player economy are total BS if a frequent possible outcome is “literal trash”. The only reason I started this whole scroll identification thing is because I sold Caramel a scroll and it turned out to be Ferula and pissed off both of us.

(Ferula is in the standard textbooks and isn’t scroll-locked, and the scrolls didn’t grant spell XP, so they were literally pointless. I still have one of them, in fact.)

I’m one of those ‘information compiler’ types of people, so my opinions may not match the information-hoarding mindset here, but given that three people have very frequently sought my aid in the past, it seems that I’m not the only one who’s found scrolls to be a pain in the rear without an identification method.


I wanted them to he encodeable :confused: I could have just added them as NBT tags or smth if not. The point is that students that are really interested in them can kinda determine what spell it may be. But they cannot say it with 100 percent certainty.


My current ID method assumes certain parts of the description to be unique for each distinct spell - but the only evidence I have of this is “I haven’t seen any counterexamples yet.” If that means anything to the end result of this.


Then i don’t understand hari’s issue here. eye roll


I agree with maggie… & I really do hope scrolls that aren’t ACTUALLY locked stop getting placed. I heard rumors of it being a ‘troll’ but scrolls are not particularly easy to find. We have too many different spells on the server to just be placing ones that we already have lol. But being that the ones who place them don’t have to actually find them, i wouldn’t expect any understanding… oof


Lol that was a misunderstanding of the time. There hasn’t been SBOS unlocked spells being hidden for roughly 2-3 months now? Lost track of the last time that was done. If you’re finding them then those were hidden moooooonths ago. And were just never found. :woman_shrugging:

@Pandette fyi, its not ‘using’ your own method to id them that I have an issue with. It’s freely offering to identify every scroll someone brings to you that I had issue with.
I like the concept of ‘teach someone how to fish, don’t just hand them a fish’ I didn’t want folks like Mag who’d figured out their own trick to just be giving the other users the answers. Michael made it possible to figure out the spell. They should put in their own effort to figure it out.

Just as when he made a really entertaining series of signs and riddles on discourse to teach ppl the moves to a spell. He wasn’t a fan of ppl who figured out the spell just telling others the spell moves. I agree with that mentality. So, if they want to id the spell, they should find their own way of identifying. Mag did it really quickly, others have noticed other ways that give them information. People are finding their paths. I want them to continue and not cheat their way to the answer. That was all.


I was told by Michael literally earlier today that he was fine with me offering my services to anyone who asked, so…


@EHari it is a skill he acquired and makes money with. Just like collecting xp for others or whatever service people offer on Hogwarts. It’s probably even better in my opinion if he keeps it a business secret :ok_hand:

To be fair tho @failureface I would suggest charging money for it, if you aren’t already


Oof, imo a kill of the thrill. Where is the fun in searching for them when you already know what it is xD


Well, you need to search for them anyways to be able to know it xD


You’re not allowed to sell exp papers as it’s considered bug abuse. You were part of this conversation when it happened xD


Im gonna agree with Max here though. Why call it a spell scroll if anyone can just go to someone and get told what it is. Since someone active is willing to share what each scroll is, We might as well just have it be called Spell Scroll and the lore bit changed to say what spell it gives.


You Literally cannot tell what spell it is. You can take a wild guess. But no one is able to 100% tell me what spell it is. Trust me I coded this.