Spellbook - Wandless casting

Well more polls concerning Spellbook, cuz coding is fun and I have too much free time. This time concerning wandless casting.

Till now a lot of players have just considered this feature as a downgrade from non-verbal as you will have to enter incantation and movements again. On top of that, you won’t receive any bonuses from your wand etc.

  • Keep wandless casting
  • Remove wandless casting
  • Replace wandless casting with something new (comment something + we have some stuff in mind)

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Ideas for replacement:

Being able to dual cast if a player is holding two wands and has a high enough skill level?

A chance for a spell to cast twice (two separate beams, training further will enhance accuracy of the second beam)?

Add larger area of effect to spell if caster is very skilled, like reg potion to splash potion?


Technically tho.
Wandless magic doesn’t need movements or words when looking at canon.
The old system is janky but there are limitations to things like minecraft.

If I had to decide; Wandless is hardly ever used unless as a tool to prove how strong you are.
What if it could work in two ways;

  • Old, saying an incantation and doing movements. Useable by everyone who are exceptional at the spell (10k or so?) clunky but still pretty cool.

  • A new, flashy way. Once reaching graduation(or a certain year) you can “add” a spell to your wandless slot which can only have one selected. The spell would then be able to be performed with no movements or words simply by doing a series of left/right clicks in succession rather fast. It would be limited to non-PVP spells.

Something like accioing your wand with no movements or words after being disarmed would baffle a lot…

Just my idea on giving wandless a proper “wow-factor”


Liam i really like that idea, would we then have like a set movement combination to proc that “wandless” slot ?

I would say no movements only mouse clicks
and have it be like a left, left, left, right, left, left.

a series of clicks that can be done fast but isn’t gonna be done on accident.
and maybe a timer so within 2 seconds.

I’m wondering if it’s feasible to make it work like this:

If a person enters the incantation of a spell they can cast wandlessly and then left-click to “raise their wand” with nothing in their hand, they will enter “wandless mode.” The message for it could be different as well, like “Hand raised” and it could be in a different colour, or something like that.

In this mode, a barrier block will appear a block in front of them where they are looking and will follow their cursor maintaining the same distance away from them. If the player faces another block/item within this range then the barrier block will disappear and will only appear again if only air blocks are within range. As long as they perform the movements correctly the block will stay, if any movement does not match the required sequence then the block disappears.

Once the required movements are completed the block will disappear and the spell can be cast as normal with a left-click.

There’s a chance this has already been thought of but I’m just throwing it out there, just in case; and I don’t know if something like this wouldn’t cause any technical issues, so let me know.

I wonder what other cool ideas there are that are different, though.

I dont really see how this would be a more advanced form of spell casting. The only real benefit would the the fact that you dont need a wand, but then again, you will have to put incantation and movement, making it way slower time wise.

@Crane you as the big canon guy, would something like motion less casting be a thing ? Just use a incantation ?

It’s basically an idea to have the current system but adjust it to actually work as it was intended in the first place.

Motionless is a thing. look at how dumble just raised his hand and pointed at Harry when he dropped playing quidditch. no incantation or movements. only direction

Well the idea would be that we replace wandless casting with motion-less casting, only using the incantation. Would be usefull for some spells for sure and more safe in a fight o.O

Using incantation only would mean talking about a spell might get you shooting it off.
Hence why I thought of a " series of clicks" to prevent misfire

It would be cool to have motionless casting, to be fair. Although, to me, I don’t find the motionless part as necessary. Non-verbal wandless casting, on the other hand; THAT would be cool to me!

No you would still need your wand in that scenario. The fact is that wands (as most users apperantly dont know) can have a great impact on your spell power and whatnot. so a “raise wand” -> “text incantation” -> “shoot spell” thingy

I like the idea of having something in ur inventory u can click.

I 10/10 support Liam’s idea of having one spell as a Wandless preset.

I like the idea of non-verbal, wandless casting but the preset idea, while it could work, doesn’t really appeal to me. It’s not that I don’t think the idea is good, it’s just that I don’t like the lack of broad fluency and overall flexibility of casting that current mechanics allow for with all other methods of casting spells.

That being said, I’m still trying to think of an alternative that I would be more invested in…but I haven’t come up with one yet so I’ll get back to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Crane I personally would 100% support your idea with a preset (played around with it too) I would just prefers some form of more unique trigger theb a left right click combo. It just seems like that would be a bit to wide and executed too often. If we can come up with another unique trigger, i would instantly implement it (even if not I would just meh i would like to find another one)

ez. @LynxPlay
Implement that in order to drop a wand you crouch and drop it. (or drop from your inventory)
attempting to drop it from your hotbar while standing would engage wandless mode and the next punch would fire the spell you have “selected”.

solves accidental wand drops as well.
if they don’t have a spell selected or are not high enough year/tier/whatever you decide, then it would give them an error message like “You are not skilled enough to perform this form of wandless magic”

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