SpellCore - The information post

Ladies and gentleman, welcome!

As SpellCore finally hit main and, besides some spells turning out a bit too strong, it went rather bug-free

  1. SpellPvP
  2. Non-verbals
  3. Scrolls and locked spells
  4. Flex
  5. SpellInfo
  6. Quick casting


With SpellCore we now basically allow you to cast your spells everywhere around the castle. When casting an offensive spell like Obscuro in a “non-pvp” area like the great hall, this spell gets the “non-pvp” tag assigned. Those spells cannot hit you when you have spell pvp disabled.

You can change your spell-pvp by using /spellpvp. What does that mean? When you disabled your spellpvp you will not be hit by offensive spells in places like the great hall.


As a lot of you guys noticed, non-verbals changed a lot. Before you would get non-verbals easier when having a lot of other casts. The new system follows the following formula:

You will get non-verbal when:

{Your casts in that spell} > {Standart amount of casts for non-verbals} - ({The tier difference between your tier and the spells tier} * {Some modifier})

This may result in you guys losing a few of your non-verbals. They should not take too long to require tho. Besides that, you will have a way easier time getting spells non-verbal when you are high tier (so do your homework kids)

Scrolls and locked spells

Yesterday we already started deploying spell scrolls. Some may have found themselves a high voltage surprise.
We will continue to deploy these spell scrolls according to our schedule.

The scrolls you can find are 1-time use so sharing a location is worthless. Now don’t think that we will only deploy a spell once and if you didn’t find it you will never. We are deploying spells over and over while looking at our analytics to check how popular the spell is.

Scrolls can be hidden all around the map (wherever our builders did build something good looking ;))


Not a lot to say about flex but you can change your flex using /flex [newValue]. Play around with it :wink:


WIth SpellCore you can now use /spellinfo [SpellName] (Example: /spellinfo Lumos Duo). This will display you the current spell values you would get when casting the spell.

You can get more into capping of your spell and the math behind it by enabling advancedspellinfo.
Use /advancedspellinfo to toggle it

Quick casting

Quick casting is available for everyone that is year 4 or above. You can set your quickcast spell using /quickcast [SpellName] (Example: /quickcast Lumos).
After setting a quickcast spell you can now drop your wand to enable the casting and then left click to launch the spell.
Here are the requirements for you to cast a spell using quickcast:
You have to have that spell non-verbal.
The spell has to be on the list of quick-casting spells. Right now this list only includes Lumos, Protego and Stupefy as those are still valid for duelling without being too op.


We will now begin to balance out values for spells and whatnot. If you have ANY question that is not answered by this post use a helpop or pm me on discord (LynxPlay#6264). If you find bugs or spells way to OP report it on the forums.

Thanks for all the support you guys are just fantastic :heart:


Thank you guys on the development team so much! I know how hard you guys work day and night just to do this stuff. I might not use it as much now since I basically mord only, but I still appreciate it all the same. Y’all are amazing, so stay that way! Thank you all again you wonderful human beings!


This sounds absolutely amazing, devs, and it makes me want to actually play Hogwarts to try out all these new features. Everyone loves the work you do! Keep it up .w.


So… Does Standard correlate to each player individually? For example, taking curses and such into account? So if someone usually gets NV around 2000 casts, is that the value? And if they usually get it around 3800 casts, is that too?

The {Standart amount of casts for non-verbals} does take gifts and curses into account yes

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Reading this makes me so happy- y’all are amazing! <3

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Ugh. Love y’all. Good job guys. <3

Finaly I can cast spells everywhere again, I might pop back on the server again :slight_smile:

btw are you allowed to make portkeys again? I should still have “Insert secret spellname” nonverbal :slight_smile:

If you can convince an owner to give you a licence for it, yes xD
And you would have to find the spellscroll for it

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