Staff Thank you for the 1.13 update

Almerian - You are amazing, and took every single criticism in stride and improved your building each time. I appreciate how much effort you put into and how you didn’t back down. The only snip I got from you was talking about the professors, but even then you weren’t as overly critical as you could have been, which makes you a lovely person and a lovely co-owner, thank you for all your help.

Axel - I don’t know you as well as I should, but I do know you tested and built on the 1.13 build. I thank you for helping and hope sometime we can get to know eachother better because I have only heard good things about you.

Becky - You are new to staff, and may still be learning, but despite getting literally your head chopped off when you dmed me, you still got on and tested some classrooms, for your attempt to keep true to staff stuff even when you’re busy, I thank you, and apologize if I was too harsh on you. You’re a sweetheart.

Bellona - You are a great co-owner in many ways, one of them being you have your fingers in everything. You don’t speak up enough, and I’m calling you out as being a great asset and great at being there when we need you, silently. Sometimes I think you meant to be a hufflepuff and not a ravenclaw because you so often work hard and don’t let anyone know you’re doing it.

Carter - You got dueling and hospitals up and running, and they both are working as intended even if you didn’t get the features in for dueling you wanted. I appreciate your effort on hospitals it really puts us ahead on cutting up the massive project that is fundamentals and it’s probably better code than what was in before. A few bugs didn’t kill anyone esp when they don’t crash the server. You’re great and hope you continue to work hard on upcoming projects

Crystal Bell - You’re always here answering questions and helping staff, fixing small things that half the world doesn’t even know about. Even though you’re not as active as you used to be, you certainly do more for the community than people realize, and teach a lot of people things they never knew about. Even if you didn’t do a lot on this project specifically, we definitely would not have been there without your support.

Crystal Stone - I know you tested some, and I don’t talk to you much, but Dani personally wanted to send a thank you to you for portals. You helped him a lot and I am sure he has more to say. I wish I knew you more and we should definitely talk more. ~ To be fair, If I don’t know much about you, it’s because you’ve kept your nose out of trouble. You’re a great staff member though, even though I don’t know much about you, I do know you always are there to help out. Thanks for working so hard

Ryder Blackthorn - Beyond what you did for 1.13, you were often there to talk to me when I just needed someone to chill in a voice channel with me. You’re always very sweet with me, and nice to talk to. I am not 100% sure, but I think you helped on the build? I know for sure you helped me debug Classrooms, and for that I am greatful. I hope to continue talking to you regularly, you’re fun to talk to.

Daniel Owen - Dude. There are not words to express how much Dani does. He is literally the 2nd pande, and his coding is improving all the time. Dani is amazing, amazing, amazing. He helped me with testing, he helped me with portals coding, fixing guides, updated most of the plugins to 1.13 while i focused on classrooms, he sent me the 3rd party plugin jars to update on the server, and he was just everywhere i couldn’t be. Dani doesn’t get enough props, in a world without max, he is my life line. I appreciate dani, even while I miss max being my #2, you’re doing well grasshopper. You’re always there supporting me and working way harder than you need to be. You rock Dani, and deserve all the props.

Emily Stump - You tested so much, dani has a note on my doc here about all the people just saying you’re amazing, and you are. You help with lore and testing in so many ways. I could not have gotten so far without you, you awesome awesome person. I am glad you showed up on knockturn because this isn’t the first time you’ve done amazing work. You are just a force to be reckoned with when you get busy, and I am so glad to have you on the team and being around because you’re also a sweetheart.

Gracen Bell - I love you, I will end up spending my life with you just as much as with Jon. You support me in everything I do, and have my back in all things. You deal with me in all my moods and you help whenever you can even if you have no idea what you’re doing and are just sitting there like science dog going ???. You rock in all ways.

Haley Robertson - As my note for you, yes, Emmae triggers her sexy mood when you’re online (Dani can verify). You’re welcome, it was you all along. You’re an amazing person and I think you’re awesome, you always help out in every way you can. You are fun to talk to and you keep micheal on his toes. Keep it up haley, miss I’m going to test on 2 accounts at once. You rock so much, and helped with all the things with both classrooms and answering plugin related questions for those who just don’t get plugins at all. You also helped run lore ! Forgot this part bc I am used to Alm doing it, you rock!

Hari Bell - Oh you dumbo sweety. You were just so excited for potions and kept testing and writing the lessons with jordan. You work really hard, and one of my favorite things is being in a voice channel with you when revealing something new. Just the way you react is motivation for me to spend hours coding something dumb for you to go ‘aaaahahhhhhhhhh omg’ its great. You’re great, even though half the time you’re dumb. You’re an awesome person and I love you for all your silly ways.

Horace Lovell - I don’t know you too well, I do know that you built on the build (totally not bc dani told me), I think you’re another staffer who does a lot of work behind the scenes, probably because you’re a hufflepuff. You’re great though, and hope I can get to know you more. Clearly I liked your builds because I don’t remember complaining about them (And I complain a lot!)

James Strange - TRAITOR! You helped out lore all the time and helped with the conversion. I think you tested some, but perhaps later on. You’re always fun to talk to though, and you take everything in good stride and always turn it into a laugh, which makes you great to diffuse any tense situation.

Johnny Krum - You tested stuff and you ate spaghetti, hahaha. You’re great in that while you’re on another timezone, you still do your best to help out. I never see you, but you’re always over there, on the other side of the clock doing your italian things. ^.^

Jordan Owen - Well I can just skip this one… haha jk. Jordan you work when you have no time, even though I think the only reason you have no time is because you schedule yourself for 20 minutes every hour to have an anxiety attack. You’re awesome to talk to and almost always around to be a background noise when I am coding, and helped do the potions lore and helped debug it too! You also fixed the potion plugin for 1.13, which was a lot more effort than I want to think about due to the potions and ingredients enums. OUCH! You rock little jordan, whatever pronouns we use for you now (which is constant debate it seems since you just tell people you don’t care. xD)

Keyla Weasley - You amazing. You rock. You are the literal driving force behind lore half the time, even though you’ren of the head of it! you do your best, and constantly work on it to the fact that people can’t usually match your speed for churning out jsons. I can’t wait to see what content you produce when we do the rewrite and aren’t just reformatting! You’re an essential ingredient to the lore team in all ways (even if you have terrible building skills for hogwarts style stuff XDXDXD you got better in the newer halls though XD)

Lisa Blishwick - Yo why this lady even on this list? All she did was act co-owner. I mean I know this lady is hot and stuff, but she didn’t do MUCH. You’re too busy irl for us, I know! Lady!

Magdalene Mulciber - You know, you’re only required to do the job you are required, and you get yourself in a tizzy trying to do everything. That’s my job, you don’t have to stress, I stress enough for the whole team. You’re awesome though, in this update you were almost my 3rd in command in that if I needed something that you could do, you hopped to it. Without you, half of hogwarts would be missing because I would not have found all the spots that had not been copied over. You did a great job in everything and I don’t think the update could have pulled through without you because you tried so hard to make sure everything happened correctly. Thank you for that, and being tolerant of me losing my temper on you so many times, I only have so much patience, not that it is an excuse, and sometimes you do push my buttons. You rock though in so many ways, its good to have you on the team and its frequently fun to talk to you too.

Maya Heart - You’re quiet, you don’t talk much, but the one thing I know about you is I love your build style. I think your hallways were one of the only set of hallways where I couldn’t say anything negative. They were always perfect. You did a great job building and I think we are lucky to have you on the team!

Micheal King - AH, the german. The master of spell core, the king of glam and the man who is ‘oh so sexy’. Your constant remarks about how my code sucks makes me angry, but without you I honestly probably wouldn’t even be coding on knockturn, because you’re also one of the most fun people to be around. You make everything wonderful all the time, even though you’re a pain in my butt. This is my honest to god view of you in so many ways. I appreciate the help and think we would probably just be one of those servers that went to die without you because I absolutely don’t have inspiration to code with out the double whammy of you and hari. Thank you for being around as much as you can.

Michelle King - Not only are you an excellent admin and person, but you also helped translate to czech and helped tested AND helped with portals. You everywhere girl, quietly working when no one else is counting on you. You’re awesome in all ways and your over excitedness every time something czech ends up somewhere makes everyone so happy to participate in czech related things. It’s nice to have someone so sweet, so darling, and so excited about things. I am glad you’re on the team, and glad you’re one of our admins, and you’re so helpful in all things.

Nomsy Savage - I think you made a few sarcastic responses and you also added Wix to the profile system. Good job.

Pandette Bell - I’m amaz-- okay yea I don’t need a section I’m writing this

Sergio Strange - LITERALLY MADE ALL THE SKINS FOR THE NPCS THREE DAYS BEFORE THE UPDATES. This man is a legend. He made all the professor skins. He did other stuff too but damn this man did this and it’s awesome, they look bomb.

Smile King - Translated to dutch for classrooms, tested classrooms, helped with portals, probably got promoted to admin because he bribed daniel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk. He is great, so great that when we pretended he was banned Crystal just goes: Smile did a bad thing? Doesn’t sound like him. You rock and you do all the things well. Thank you for being on the team, you make everyone do your name sake – smile.

Smol Owen - Our little aussie Tested classrooms, gave up her house to take one for the team and be a gryffindor so we had a head of house when Max was gone. Such a sweetheart, and always sound of mind. Frequently someone who will sit in the background while I code too, which means a lot to me, because coding with absolutely no one (even if i sometimes go on mute to do math) is so boring and taxing. Really saves me when someone spends time in voice while i ignore them, even if we don’t talk. It just helps.

Tahj Gaunt - I deleted your hallways (They were in the wrong spot and the build style didn’t match hogs.), but you made the effort to build them. Sorry about your computer, you seem like a nice guy, but not enough time to know you. Hope you can come back, you seemed like a good fit for the team, and a nice person overall. ^^ Hopefully your computer is fixed soon.

Theo Harrison – LOGO MAN! Also master build fixer upper. When I needed a guy to go fix ugly hallways, this guy was there. Theo is awesome in all the ways and deserves recognition. I appreciate you, and you’re a heck of a nice guy. I feel lucky to have seen you grow from a 12 year old to the teenager you are now in the past 5 years. It’s amazing how much you have grown, though you were always a sweetheart. Im’ so glad you’re still around and hope I get to see you grow up more!

Lucky Barnes - DANI FORGOT YOU FROM THE LIST! HE DOESNT LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS ME! I REMEMBERED YOU! You are #1 texture artists (for now ;P) You did all the textures, updated the pack to 1.13 and added so much to the donation shop. You’re awesome and skilled and tolerant of me being annoyed! You rock, and appreciate you so much. Also helped translate classrooms commands to spanish.

Heli Bones - This man did translate classrooms commands into italian. He wasn’t on the traditional staff list, but deserves a mention.

This is the end of my list — But maybe I forgot someone. If so let me know! Almost everyone on staff did an amazing job and we thank you all for your hard hard work! it was a lot and I definitely am not able to do it all by myself, I am one person and y’all be the force helping us move mountains!


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