Starsweeper Xx1 and Sneak-o-scope

Sneak-o-scope - 1000 galleons (market price is around 2000)

Starsweeper - 1100 galleons (market price is 1700)

Sneak-o-scope sold!

What does the Sneak-o-scope do, exactly? I know it’s canon use, but how is that reflected in game?

Whenever you have it placed in your region, and you are near your region, something like this pops up

[SpellCore] Elder Flamel is nearby.

I don’t know the radius but it comes in handy when you want to freak someone out that’s trying to stab you in the back :slight_smile:

I will buy it! How close to your region must you be?

I’d say around 10 blocks away from the region for it to stop working

Away from the region or the scope? Actually nvm! xD I’ll just try it out myself. When will you be on next?

Look at disc