Stranded - A Survival Role-Play

Theme: A boat gets stranded on an island in the Pacific, separate by ocean, how will these characters survive? There’s only so much they know about living off the land, will they find anyone on the island to help them? That is for you to decide, welcome to Stranded!


  • keep is appropriate
  • don’t take over someone’s character unless they say it’s okay
  • you’re allowed to kill NPCs
  • if you’re talking to other players talk in brackets ( )

Character Format:
Nickname (if you want one):
Basic Description:


Name: Nathaniel Tompkins
Nickname (if you want one): Nate
Age: 17
Basic Description: longish dark brown hair, drapes into his dark brown eyes. Very humorous.

The navigation was broken as the waves tossed the boat around. Nate was extremely seasick as he scoured bellow deck for the paper charts.

It was dark, with only the silver light of the moon casting shadows in the boat.

Someone yelled something from the helm, but he didn’t hear it. Finally pulling out the charts he looked at the logbook for the last coordinates to try and find our location, but it was wrong. It said we were surrounded by reef.

Nate rushed up on deck “WE’RE GONNA HIT THE REEF!” he shouted

Name: Alexandra Marie
Nickname: Alex
Age: 17
Basic Description: Mid-back length blonde hair, bright green eyes, average height. She is rather imaginative and fiery.

Alex sat in her small living space in the boat, quietly reading her favorite book before some force tossed her this way and that, causing her to hit the wall and drop her book. Feeling around in the dim light, she tried to find her book among the clutter flying around the boat while rubbing her head, wincing at the impact. “What… what’s going on…?” She muttered.

Name: Marissa Mack
Nickname (if you want one): Maritza
Age: 17 years old
Basic Description: She sat quietly, her glasses off to the side, as she read her book in the lower decks. A huge gust of… wind? hit her face. and the whole boat swayed left. Hurrying, she grabbed her glasses and tried to walk up, then get the left wall.

“Oof!” she yelped. Finally, grabbing her book she hauled herself up the stairs. Only to see they hit something. And something big.

Name: Leona Yankov
Nickname (if you want one): Leo
Age: 14
Basic Description: Resourceful, quiet but insightful (is a short bean)

Leona felt the boat lurch, and tumbled out of her bed, dragging the covers with her. She saw a small spurt of water coming from the floor, and immediately ran up to the deck, tripping and falling as the boat lurches. “What’s going on?”

Nate had just enough time to turn and see the monster wave crash over the bow, the force threw my sprawling on deck and scrambling for a handhold. Another breaking wave crashed over the deck and Nate’s handhold slipped and he fell into the water.

Current pushed him under and he forced himself to the surface with several strokes of his arms. He broke the surface and took several lungfuls of air. “MAN OVERBOARD!” Nate screamed at the top of his lungs.

He could see the dark shadow of land in the distance and the boat being struck on the reef.

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Leona was swept off as well, the wave pushing her off her feet and into the coral.

As the boat started to break, party of the mast broke off and landed on top of her, pinning her underwater. She struggled to lift the mast up, knowing she couldn’t hold her breath for too long.

Name: Daniel Blackburn
Nickname (if you want one): Dan
Age: 16 and 1/2 (changed from 18)
Basic Description: Tall, black short hair with brown eyes and a fairly muscular build. Serious and temporous, but usually keeps quiet and quick.

As the boat started to break down, he glanced around, looking for any other belongings he could take before yanking a bag with a knife, some matches and other stuff he took with him on the trip and lunged himself in the water, springing as far from the boat as he could to not be hit by a possible falling piece of it. He held his bag high in the air, as he used his legs to push himself on the surface. He quickly looked around, seeing Nate in the water and Leona pinned with wood underwater.

(btw guys, the shipwreck can be scavenged later, lots of stuff will survive xD trust me, I’ve seen more than my fair share of shipwrecks on reefs in the pacific xD)

Nate saw the mast fall on a dark shape in the water and take them under. He immediately front-crawled to the place he thought and dove under, only to see dark murk but fuzzy bubbles rising to the surface.

He saw two more strokes to keep himself down and grabbed onto the mast. He tried to move it but it was much too heavy. Instead he found the arm of the person and pulled them a little, their head came out from underneath and he saw it was Leona.

Breaking some of the corals, he pulled her out and brought her to the surface.

(@Pengauno :wink: )

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He watched Nate pull her out as he continued holding up the backpack. It had a lot of survival and personal belongings, as he had a weird phobia of always fearing something would happen on different trips, so he always set a backpack for anything aside. He turned his head to face land, and back to Nate and Leona, swimming to them.

Name: Christopher
Nickname: Chris
Age: 9
Basic Description: His parents sent him on a boat across the Pacific for a blacksmithing mentorship in Europe. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is kind, smart, and a speedy learner, but he can be annoying.

Alex dashed out of her cabin, trying to assess the situation as the force of the rocking boat threw her against one of the handholds. Seeing this, she gripped the bar tightly, trying to ignore the searing pain the cuts on her fingers had caused. The boat lurched the other way, sending her flying straight into the handhold. Her grip broke, and the next lurch of the boat sent her overboard. Her vision blurry as she fervently swam this way and that, it was only a matter of time in which she would lose consciousness, but she was determined to keep going. Paddling furiously, she observed Nate and Leona in the water and swam in their general direction, trying to keep her arms from giving out.

Christopher screamed at the top of his lungs as then went under, then he surfaced a few moments later, coughing, water flying from his mouth. He looked around and saw that he was getting farther away from the group, and he desperately tried to swim towards them, his short legs kicking with all his might, and eventually he made it over to them.

(Oops I didn’t read your full post Goose, I had some crucial mistakes there, my bad.)

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As soon as he made it to them, a wave pushed him back away from them again, and he tried again to get back to them, but exhaustion took over and he let the tide carry him.

He continued holding his bag high up in the air as he stayed near the group, determining where the land is and failing to notice Alex struggling in the water.

He thought if a plan to get to the water, thinking deeply as he easily stayed afloat. He barely noticed Chris’ body floating away, as he quickly turned his head and stared at him, thinking of what he could do.

Chris shouted “-elp M-!” His voice drowned out by the crashing waves. He waved his arms vigorously in the air.

“T-thank you” She stuttered out, coughing up water.

@Goose Leona heard Chris’ cries and swam to him quickly holding him afloat.

“Thank you” he said, looking up at Leona.

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