Study/school help discord channel

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Follow this check list BEFORE suggesting something:

  • Is it a canon spell ? -> Do not suggest.
  • Is it about a feature in a minecraft version we a not on yet? -> Do not suggest.
  • Did you do research to see if it was even possible? -> If no, do not suggest.
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  • Is it something like the forbidden spells, horcruxes, flying apparation, or animagus, that you think the server needs and doesn’t have -> If its in the movies in a large part, its not a suggestion, you just want it to happen. Suggestions are NEW ideas.

My suggestion is to have a study channel implemented in the discord. Here people could help each other with maths questions they don’t understand, books they can’t get to grips with, history they can’t get their head around. Generally just a channel which people can help each other with, to do with school work.

Why it will be good:
From what I can see, a lot of the servers playerbase are students currently in full time education. Having something like this could be beneficial for people who may struggle with their school work. They can turn to people in the community for help, and it could generally be a nice little thing to do.

How it will work in code/other functions
No coding is needed, it would just be a discord channel where people can ask questions, discuss school work, etc.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature?
I imagine someone who can make discord channels and has the permissions to do so. It shouldn’t take too long.

Which server?
Discord server.

Thanks for reading my suggestion, I hope it’s considered!


Done, somebody has created the channel on Discord, #study-help. Thank you for your suggestion!