Suggestion + solution to stop selling dirt cheap cauldron cakes

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Everyone knows how when the bread sign got removed we started selling 64 cauldron cakes for a sickle, I have a solution to propose which I think everyone would be happy with

Why it will be good:
It devalues the price of cauldron cakes from actual candy shops and makes it incredibly hard for player shops that sell food to profit with that competition

How it will work in code/other functions
[Write for how it will work. Realizing that coding a single spell takes an hour.]
My potential solution is to replace the cheap cauldron cakes in the Great Hall with bread, Subyork Alley sells 10 bread for 5 sickles so we could do that there, or we could even do it cheaper, it would return the price of cauldron cakes to the proper candy shop price and allow players to sell more food and try to do cheaper than the admin shop, I know you guys want the server economy to be as player run as it can be

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
[Next available time for someone to code is most likely close to december 2018 due to current plans. So do not follow up this post a week later asking why its not implemented even if the entire community thinks its a fabulous idea.]

Any staff with access to the shop sign, most likely Admin or higher

Which server?


Suggestion for cheaper bread at subyork has been made and now it’s 1 sickle for 10 bread. For the cauldron cakes - give us a moment so that we can discuss and the decision will be announced soon-ish.

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Until another owner brings this up again with a different idea, the cauldron cakes in the gh are now sold at 20 cakes per sickle.

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