Summer Beach Party Event

Hey Knockturn! With Summer slowly coming to an end and school going back into session soon, Event Team figured it was the perfect time to throw a Summer Beach Party!

The party will take place July 31st, 2021 at 12:00 pm EST. During the party, there’ll be multiple mini events to compete in and win rewards such as beach ball currency or special summer themed dolls!

Go talk to Chad Whitfield over at Hagrid’s Hut if you want to earn some extra currency through doing daily quests! This opportunity expires August 1st.

Looks like some people tanned for a little too long… Sunburned Skeletons can be found in different areas of the server. Burn them some more to earn more beach balls and save up for the event shop!


  • Follow all server rules during the party
  • Don’t purposely cause chaos (no killing people with spells, no fireworks or whizbangs, etc.)
  • Don’t queue inappropriate songs through the music bot in VC during the party
  • Listen to the party hosts (Event Team)
  • Have fun!

Mini Events

Host: Anthony Dawson
Time: 12:30 pm EST
Description: Walk the runway and show off your Summer Beach Party themed skin. Players will vote who they think had the best skin and a winner will be crowned. Check in with Anthony at the start of the event if you want to compete.

  • Come prepared, you will not be given time to create a skin during the event
  • Skin must match the theme
  • Keep it appropriate
  • Follow any of Anthony’s instructions during the event

Host: Angelina Nott
Time: The entirety of the party
Description: Want to sing a song for your fellow party goers? Check in with Angelina at the Karaoke stage during the event to sign up to sing some karaoke in VC.

  • Keep the song choice appropriate
  • Don’t queue your song with the music bot without talking to Angelina

Host: Emma Rose
Time: 1:15 pm EST
Description: There is one murderer among a group of innocents. The murderer has to kill one person each round without getting caught. The innocents will then have to vote for the person who they think the murderer is. The game ends when the murderer is caught or when every innocent is dead.

  • The murderer will choose one person in a 10 block radius to eliminate
  • Whoever was chosen to be eliminated, and the person who initiated the vote, will both be eliminated

Host: Luke Schoenheit
Wipeout Parkour: The entirety of the party
Gobstones: 1:45 pm EST
Snaps: 2:00 pm EST
Description: During the party, there’ll be opportunities to participate in Snaps, Gobstones, or Wipeout Parkour. Keep an eye out for announcements during the party for when each game is about to be played!

  • No cheating/using shortcuts in the parkour
  • Be respectful of others
  • Follow any other instructions given by the host during the game

Event Shop

Once the event shop is open, this section of the post will be updated with an image to show you what each item looks like!