Summer Solstice Events

Hello Knockturn!
As we come nearer to the Summer Solstice, the events surrounding it will kick off very very soon!
The events will begin on June 13th and end on June 26th.
There will also be a series of quests available that you will also be able to partake in!

The events list will be as follows:

Sunday the 13th:
summer solstice-02
Harry, 8AM/6PM
Players will compete in 1v1 nonmagical duels to see who is the best duelist!

Monday the 14th:
summer solstice-03
Rey, 8AM, 2PM
Harry, 8PM
Players will race from one location to the next, stopping whenever a red light is called and starting when green is called! if they’re caught moving during red, they’re out!

Wednesday the 16th:
summer solstice-04
Anthony, 7AM
Ellie, 2PM, 6PM
A simple yet elegant snaps tournament

Friday the 18th:
summer solstice-05
Anthony, 7AM, 3PM, 7PM
Dance (with flares) to music once more, as it’s a celebration of summer!

Saturday the 19th:
summer solstice-06
Harry, 10AM/6PM
Guide a poor lost bee through a maze, and see who can guide their bee across the maze faster!

Sunday the 20th:
summer solstice-07
Luke + Katna 10AM+4PM
There is one murderer among a group of innocents. The murderer has to kill one person each round without getting caught. The innocents will then have to vote for the person who they think the murderer is. The game ends when the murderer is caught or when every innocent is dead.

Monday the 21st:
summer solstice-08 (1)
Rey, 8AM/2PM/6PM
Players will go at eachother with sticks until one player is left standing ontop of the hill!

Wednesday the 23rd:
summer solstice-09
All Day, Bess
Compete to see who can find all the items the fastest!

Friday the 25th:
summer solstice-10
Maya 8AM, 2PM, 6PM
Players will race from checkpoint to checkpoint, slowly eliminating one player each time! Last one standing wins

Saturday the 26th:
summer solstice-11
All Day, Luke + Penguin
Compete to see who can parkour across an entire course the fastest!

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