Taking art requests!

Hey nerds, I’m bored and not original so I’ll draw your characters from Mordonia or Hogwarts. I know like a lot of people are doing this probably butttttttt please consider giving me a request :slight_smile: Here’s some of my art! I can do a more realistic or cartoony style, you tell me which you’d prefer. commission|412x690mayor2whoopsmayor5heathersss


Do you think you could do my current skin? :o
IGN is GimmickyAbyss35 I would prefer a cartoon style, but either way I’d be fine with thanks

OooOoooo nice
Can ye draw me Mordonia skin?
I want it in like a more realistic style
Hope this works
Ign is TheDefeatedOne btw
Thanks!! :smiley:

do you have an idea what pose you’d like?

Do you have a specific pose in mind?

Could you draw this skin in a realistic style sorta like the 3rd photo? Pose is totally up to you! Also I LOVE THE HEATHERS ONE OMG


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can I have my pose me leaning against a tree?

Perhaps my skin standing, left hand on hip in a bent position, right hand hanging somewhat limply to the side. Hips’ weight shifted slightly to the left, left foot facing forward right foot facing 3/4 right (just an idea)

:o I always love seeing my skin characterized by different artists ^-^ Would you mind doing one of my skin, maybe sitting or standing casting spells, or perhaps holding and smelling a flower or something? (Either art style works for me, whichever is easier)
08 PM
Thank you <3 (ps imma pay ya)

Hi, Can you do my skin!? Can you do the third style, and me wearing a Batman cowl Abschnitt gloves, like in my skin? Also can I have a wand shooting blue sparks? Just one more thing, In the corner, can you put a blue batman symbol? Thanks!

Do you want payment?!


Oh forgot pose can you do a pose like this but with my skin mood and skin design? Thanks


Here you go!characterrtripp

I am terrrible at nature im sorryTheDefeatedOne

It’s fine, thanks!! :smiley:

I hope you like it!

Okay guys I’m going on vacation for four days, I’ll work on the rest when I get back

Hi! was wondering if you could do a little update on my current profile picture?
She was designed as a minecraft character [As it is of my skin] but i’d like it for her to be more Human like!omg yess