Temporary Freezing of Property

Hello all Knockturn Users,

We are currently undertaking a large scale project that will see numerous areas being uprooted and moved to new locations. This means from this time on, all apartments are currently not purchasable until further notice. We expect this project to take 3-6 months, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

We ask that all users who currently have apartments remove any container like objects from their property, storing anything that they need access to in the future in a sign shop. In phases we will be freezing different areas of the server and making it so you cannot make changes to your region. You will still have access to storage within sign shops during this freeze Your apartment/region will not be modifiable until after the unfreeze however.

Freezing Order: (Dates may change)
Hogwarts - By January 1st.
Hogsmeade - By January 10th-20th
London/Diagon/Knockturn - By Febuary 1st-10th
Yorkshire - By Febuary 15th - 25th.
Upper Flagley - By March 1st - 10th.
Little Hangleton - By March 15th - 25th.

This project is still being worked on and there may be delays. However, if everyone is patient hopefully it will be done in a somewhat timely manner and will make the server more enjoyable for all :).


Is there a list of container-like objects we need to remove from our property?

Not a precise list, but Chests, Itemframes, cauldrons etc. Anything you can put an item in needs to be removed or an admin will remove it when they do their rounds and check. Your sign shops will be moved when we release the new version of the map ~ so you don’t have to worry about losing the signshop.

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Okey doke, thank you!

is it okay to put things in the common room dorm chests or no?

Dorm chests are perfectly fine

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Okay thanks.