Test-takers Group!

Alrighty! So, in May, I created a small study group for APs. This time around, I’m starting earlier, and expanding the list of tests. Since I’m a senior this year, this group will also likely work on college applications as well, and can be a good place to receive feedback on college essays, etc.

This group will be working on SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests (formerly known as SAT IIs), AP, IB, college applications. If you’re interested in other tests/college prep things, just put it in when you fill out the template.

You do not need to be taking these tests to join. You can join as a mentor/teacher if you’ve already taken these, or you can join if you want to start early as well. You can even join if you’re just interested in learning stuff.

Please fill out the following if you are interested!

Tests/Topics interested in:

Here’s my example!

Name: Jordan
Grade: 12th
Test/Topics interested in: College essays, APES, AP Stats, AP Lit, AP Gov, SAT Biology E/M, SAT Math II, SAT.
Discord: Muzika#6426


Name: Keyla
Grade: 11
Texts/Topics interested in: IB, SAT, college applications
Discord: Keyla#3048

Name: Emma
Grade: 11
Tests/Topics interested in: SAT, ACT, College Applications/Essays, APES, AP Lang & Comp, AP Calc, APUSH
Discord: Emma Rose//MCQueen#6290

Name: Haley
Grade: senior in college :smiley:
Tests/Topics interested in: AP Lang, AP Gov, APUSH, AP Lit, AP Calc AB/BC, AP Micro, AP Stats, AP Physics 1 (Jordan is that all of them?), ACT, College Apps/Essays
Discord: Haley#4388

I like being helpful and I did well on all of my exams, including ACT and I love essays.