The decision to remove Elytras from the game

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Knockturn has grown and with one of the recent staff discussions, the concept of elyctras was brought up. I don’t use them or participate in new minecraft versions as much as I should, so the fact that these existed at all were kind of beyond me. But the fact is, in the harry potter world, you wouldn’t be able to just glide with them.

So staff has come to a decision that these creations are something we don’t agree with, and as a result, we want to remove them from the game.

The goal is not to punish people, so as a result, we will be setting up a shop to resell elyctras back to the server before they are gone forever.

One month from now we plan to implement something that will wipe all elyctras from the server entirely. So if you do not plan to sell, you may find yourself with no money or no elyctra.

The goal, is we will buy your elyctra from you at the price of 100 Galleons If you cannot sell it to the shop we set up, an admin or owner can help you sell it to the server.

The final goal is to make it so elyctras are not a replacement for brooms.

  • This seems fair
  • I disagree with this (comment below)

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We understand that the community might not agree, so this poll will hopefully help make it possible to get feedback before we do this, as it might be controversial.


I do agree that having them act as a broom replacement isn’t ideal, but I personally believe they are a cool mechanic that could potentially have some place on Knockturn. What are the thoughts on having it be towny exclusive?

brooms are supposed to be used universally on towny. I think they are wrongly disabled atm, but they are supposed to be usable across the entire map so they are still replacing brooms

(they are disabled on towny due to a config issue that can easily be fixed if it hasnt been yet)

Ah, was just wondering, because I always felt that towny was suppose to feel and act more vanilla Minecraft-y. If brooms are the intent, then yea, elytras probably should be disabled because it just removes their entire purpose.

Oops- definitely didn’t mean to hit an option on the poll so ignore my vote

Tbh if we want to disable elytras, we may just shift their functionality into a spell/potion ?
The mechanic seems way to useful and fun to just loose completely.

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We could but that would still take away user controlled use

Yeah, agreed! I don’t like them being around usually, as they not only collide with brooms but with Pariter Apparate.

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At some point wouldn’t it be easier to convert them somehow into flying carpets, which is HP compliant, rather than a spell or potion effect? xD

Unless the only point is to let the player glide instead of falling, since elytra only really fly if you have rockets…

EDIT: Apparently you can, in fact, cast spells while on a broom via wand in offhand. Complaints withdrawn, that solves most of mine.

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Ah! Then in that case, I support elyctras not being used as long as brooms are allowed on towny

Just saw this and I got to say I’m infuriated… really bad decision as they help on towny, you can’t fly a broom on towny. Also alarte ascendare protection? I could go on and on, but it is a vanilla Minecraft thing and you might as well just disable the end entirely at this rate, which I’m not suggesting…

If you read, Brooms are meant to be enabled on towny and will most likely be enabled on towny soon. Also, the elytra shouldn’t be protection against alarte ascendare, the job of that is molliare. A player should be rewarded for leveling up their spell (molliare) along with quick thinking so they are able to cast it and save themselves from death. Alarte ascendare was not conceptualised with the idea of elytra in mind, therefore the spell must be balanced enough that elytras are not needed. The purpose of the elytra is mainly fulfilled by that of the broom and removing the elytra means players will use Brooms more often as they should, it is a Harry Potter server after all.

Honestly Elytras are a pretty new thing and players were fine without it in the past. If brooms are enabled then long distance travel would be sorted and replaced with that.

Also, the end has already been disabled because for right now we don’t want people getting more elytras that they could sell to the server shop. From what I could tell from the conversation staff had, it was probably never meant to be enabled in the first place.

It was meant to be enabled at some point but in regards to it having been enabled, i was unaware, when we restore the end i intend to fix the nether too


I do hope this response came before reading all the replies.

Oooh awesome awesome!

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