The Enemy Roleplay

The sickness struck everyone over 14.
First it twisted their minds,
Next it ravaged their bodies.
Now they roam the streets-
crazed and hungry.

Ok, so this is a roleplay heavily based of “The Enemy.” However, I will change small details and how some things work. You do not need to have read the books as it’s pretty much a zombie apocalypse and none of the original characters exist.

Across London, the remaining children have formed gangs. One of the gangs have set up in an an old Waitrose and have been there for over a year.

To join just fill this out:
Role: (Scavanger, guard, fighter, second in command or commander) (There are other roles that are not as interesting and will be taken up by NPC’s)

Name: Bob Wood
Age: 12
Description: Bob is tall, muscular and got unually long legs. He has green eyes, that are always covered by his scruffy brown hair and always wears a black hoodie and baggy trousers.
Role: 1st in command
Personality: Bob is confident and always tries to look for the good things in life. He’s a good fighter, yet is better at making strategies.

Name: George Frostings
Age: 12
Description: George is tall and is slim with a light muscle build, enabling him to not be too heavy yet not weak either. He has black curly short hair and extremely bright blue eyes. He has a few visible scars, most noticeable on his cheek, and a necklace with a dingo embroided in a metal rectangle plaque. He usually wears a blood-red hoodie and black formal shorts or trousers.
Role: Second in Command
Personality: He is a seemingly calm and cold person, usually keeping serious and doing work. He is very intelligent, but also a fine fighter. He prefers to not talk, but when he does, he is usually sarcastic and blank. George is more open with people he really trusts.

Name: Alan Brown
Age: 12
Description: 5’5, 120 pounds, he’s fast agile and strong which makes him perfect for his role, blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair, he usuelly where’s black pants with a black hoodie, or a black T-shirt with black shorts. He where’s a necklace that he made himself it is a hybrid between a dolphin and a wolf.
Role: scavenger
Personality: he used to be very nice. But sense the apocalypse he has become very ruff, he is calm and keeps lots of secrets. He likes to talk with people but only is smaller groups of 3 or 4 people he trusts, he is pretty funny but not many people like his sense of humor.