The fight for our world

I know i have 3 roleplays on the forums (2 are dead and 1 only just still going) but i wanted to make one last one. In till well the others are deleted or all dead. So this is the story… In this roleplay you are not a human and we a not in the Harry Potter universe. In fact we are in a universe where humans are living but we are monsters/beasts. To join fill in this
Roleplay name:
Roleplay beast race:
Roleplay beast desc:
Roleplay age (if you have one)
So this is whats happening… Beasts prowl the earth… Some are big some are small. Some beasts like to stick by humans and guard them and others like to kill humans. In till one day… When one beast is born, he is stronger than any other beast by a lot and whole armies can’t defeat it. It’s name is BlackHole. When it started killing beasts, the beasts know they have to kill it or maybe it will destroy the earth. Yet some beasts join BlackHole to help kill all.

Roleplay name: Joey
Roleplay beast race: Mini-Devil
Roleplay beast desc: A Mini-Devil is a small mischievous creature, who is red, has two horns, a black trident, a mini beard, hooves and black wings.
Gender: male
height: 30cm

London was in flames, Joey hid behind a car and looked up at the great beast. It roared. As you can imagine it was humongous compared to Joey. It was about as tall as two skyscrapers and as scary as the worst horror movie. It had black scales and teeth as sharp as knifes. It could breath fire, its pinkie could destroy a cottage easily and it could destroy skyscrapers easier than that! Joey watched it and gulped, hoping one day the beasts would stop being independent and unite to destroy BlackHole.

So sorry but your tittle said are not our. It kills me.

Rp Name: Angelica Hocoturu
Rp Beast Race: Devil Demon Dragon (oooh so many D’s XD)
Rp Beast Desc: (hope it’s ok she looks a bit human, tell me if I should change!)
Rp Age: idek
Gender: Female
(Hope this is ok)

Rp name: Aurora Shinigami
Rp beast race: Serpent dragon
Rp beast desc: IMG_0341 Aurora, named after her brightly colored wings and feathers, has rainbow wings with blue and gold scales. She has bright blue eyes.
Rp gender: female
Height: she can change her size, the biggest she can be is currently 7 feet, smallest is 6 inches

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As London burnt into flames, Joey had had enough. So he slowly flew into the air away from the city. As he flew he thought that he would unite a group of beasts/monsters to destroy BlackHole!

Angelica flies over the burning hell of London. Stone-faced her wings beating at the wind, she swoops down spotting another beast. She gracefully lands a few feet in front of the creature. “Hello,” She only says one word, not sure what else to say, but her eyes said it all, how she was concerned, and her determination to destroy Blackhole. (@Bob_Wood yay I added something woo hoo)

“Hello,” Joey said.
“So what are you doing in London on this well… fine morning?”

“Heh, flying around I guess… What are you doing?” She fiddled her thumbs because she was rather shy sometimes.

“Leaving London, and building an army of beasts to stop BlackHole!”

“Heh, well, would you mind if I joined in on defeating Blackhole?” She smiles at him, her wings flapping slightly in excitement and nervousness.

“Yer okay! Lets do this!” Joey said flying all over the place!