The Forest

(So I know I only recently made a rp, but I had this idea and wanted to try it)

The Oak Inn is nearly empty, it’s pouring it down with rain outside and a roaring fire heats the whole building. Nothing’s out of the ordinary for such a tiny, village inn. However, suddenly the rain halts and the sound of creaking wood fills the room. The building begins to shake, causing the fire to go out and people begin to look around in fear. Then, the door blasts open and reveals that the inn’s now surrounded by a dense forest. What’s in the forest? No one knows. How will everyone get out of the forest? Well, no one knows that either…

To join simply fill out this:
RP Name:
RP Age:
RP Gender:
RP Appearance:
RP Personality:
Any other information:


RP Name: Jake Bliss
RP Age: 14
RP Gender: Male
RP Appearance: Jake is average height, has flat, brown hair and is quite skinny. He has emerald green eyes and usually keeps a straight face.
RP Personality: Jake is intelligent, takes things very seriously and hates it when people don’t seem to understand anything. He is usually found reading something and many think that he’s always wanted to go on an adventure of his own and finds the real world boring.
Any other information: Jake was at The Oak Inn because he likes the atmosphere there when he studies. He finds it calming and thinks it increases how well he works.

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(Just a thought for you, if you want to create a new RP try to create an environment where people can easily visualize what is going on and how it will happen. Simply having something where people figure things out after an inn blows up is a little vague and doesn’t establish any ground rules for people to RP with.)

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Jake walks over to the door, not quite sure what to think or say as a path appears in front of him. It goes through the forest until it can no longer be seen and seems to take random twists and turns.

Then it becomes very cold and Jake finds himself putting his hands in his pocket to suddenly feel a folded up piece of paper. Slowly, he unfolds it.

Dear Player
You may be curious to know why a forest has appeared around your inn and the truth is that I cannot tell you, well not until later on in your journey. All I can tell you now is to follow the path and never stray from it. Eventually, you will exit the forest, however, don’t expect it to be that easy… On your journey, you will be faced with challenges, ranging from having to make choices, to solving riddles and even maybe killing one of your own… That’s all and just remember these two things, I am watching and never stray from the path

(Again it’s a little vague. You have to give the people a sense of knowing what is coming and what the RP setting is going to be. Simply given a burning Inn with a path into a mysterious forest isn’t that appealing, nor does it give any real context to RP about)

(ok, does this help? It kind of explains the rp a bit better and shows a map of the forest and what you can expect)

(Look around at the other RPs. They all have descriptions of what each setting is in, and the style that you’re using is more of a D&D format. Which isn’t the kind of format that this forum follows )