The Future of Hogwarts

Heyo guys, Kaneki is back somewhat, and welcome back to… Hogwarts…

So. As you all are now FIRST years going into Hogwarts, you all relive the adventure of getting sorted, obtaining your wand, and much more. (Keep in mind that anything you do does have certain consequences.) Keeping in mind the fact that everyone is a first year, you barely even know rictusempra, so don’t act like you can blow the place up glares at Kaneki

Now, that being said, the time period is in 2014, where much of London and the Harry Potter World have all advanced further than before. Hogwarts has continued onward, but there are rumors of strange things happening to students out of the blue. The Chamber of Secrets remain sealed, but whispers of death still carry across the dark halls. Gryffindor has strangely been on a 12 year losing streak, and the Headmaster turns a blind eye on the various events throughout the castle. Unlock the secrets, and discover what you can about the story.

Also, if you duel someone else in the RP, keep in mind that you should try to contain the PVP within 5-10 posts each.

To join, you will need to fill out the following template:

Name: Jay Kim
Age: 12
Year: (first for everyone)
Personality: Upbeat, cheerful, loves to have fun, focuses when needed, often seen as affable and a favorite among many.
Desired House: Ravenclaw
Description: White and black hair, tall, lightly muscular, fair skin, green-emerald eyes


Name: Jake Evans
Age: 12
Year: 1st
Personality: Nice, stubborn, excited and likes friends.
Desired house: Ravenclaw
Description: Brown hair with blue eyes, very tall and not super strong/

Name: Daniel Daloy
Age: 12
Year: (first for everyone) 1st
Personality: Serious, powerful, intelligent and determined. Sly, blunt, sometimes a show off. With friends and people close to him he warms up, and can get very protective of them. Progressing insanity. Often may be seen as a leader or someone on the top, mildly popular.
Desired House: Slytherin
Description: Tall, lean/thin with slight muscles. Short snow white hair with a grey streak on the side of his head. Black eyes. Pale.

Name: Alaina Small
Age: 12
Year: 1st
Personality: Always smiling around others, upbeat about almost everything, although smart she hates showing it because she feels it is a sign of weakness, has a hard time socially connecting
Desired House: Ravenclaw
Description: Long, dark brown hair that she wears braided down her back. Fairly thin, piercing blue eyes hidden behind her glasses

(Should we start the RP or wait for more ppl to join? Also, if we start the RP, could you since I have no clue where the start is @Kaneki )

Start: Diagon Alley
Acquire school materials and wand

Jay watched his father rap on the brick wall with his wand, and the brick wall dematerialized, showing the magic world hiding under London.

Jake followed his friend Alaina through the wall and he was shocked of how many people were walking around

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Alaina caught her breath as she walked through the wall closely folllowed by her friend Jake, as awestruck as she was.

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He quickly walked past the couple of friends, following his father. Of course, he’d rather go by himself and show that he is completely independent, however father was still a pleasant person to be with, and so he quickly sped up to catch up to him. Both wearing dark cloaks with a silver trim, he barely caught a glimpse of the Alley itself before they entered Gringotts.

Jay accepted a small sack of galleons from the goblin glaring at him. He looked up to his dad, the great Minister of Magic, and saw two figures approaching.

They both quickly walked up to the head goblin, not before stopping by the Minister himself and his son. His father, being the main jury in Wizengamot, slighty bowed and nodded to the Minister, as did Daniel. Looking over to the boy, he hesitantly held his hand out. “My name is Daniel. What’s yours? I assume you’ll be attending Hogwarts this year with me,” he said, looking at the child.

Alaina towed Jake with her towards the giant white columns at the end of the street, Gringotts. They walked up to a counter and were greeted by a goblin, who although small, boomed’ “NAME.”

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Jay smiled at Daniel and shook his hand. “My name’s Jay. I know your name is Daniel,” he said sheepishly, “I wish I could be as cool as your dad.”

Jay’s father laughed with Daniel’s father before they both bid each other farewell and Jay and his father left the bank. Glancing backwards, Jay waved before they stepped out.

He chuckled a little at the remark before stepping towards his father. He noticed Jay wave a little, so he decided to wave back. Honestly, he wasn’t the best at communicating properly, nor was he much into having lots of friends, but Jay seemed nice, so he decided to chat to him more later.

After leaving Gringotts with a pouch of money, his father decided to visit the shops one by one, starting with closest to Gringotts and ending with furthest from the goblin bank.

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When Jake entered gringotts he grabbed Alaina’s hand because he didn’t like the goblins. When they came to the counter he gave the goblin the key and quickly stepped back.

They decided to split up, splitting the shops with the needed equipment in half as they walked off. They decided to meet at the Magical Menagerie shop to pick a pet, as they set off, each in their own direction.

After buying the needed cauldron, visiting the Apothecary and visiting Madam Malkins to get the needed silk school robes, coat and custom dress robes, it was finally time to visit Ollivanders for his wand. After politely knocking on the door of the seemingly empty shop, he slowly came inside, walking to the counter and meeting the gaze of Ollivander himself.

Ollivander smiled kindly at the young boy. “And who might you be.”

Name: Holly Smith
Age: 12
Year: 1st
Personality: Rather annoying, very talkative, curious, stubborn, and a know-it-all.
Desired House: Ravenclaw
Description: Holly has long, straight brown hair, freckles, and blue eyes.

Holly skipped down the street. “Come on!” She said to her older brother, who was gonna be a 6th year at hogwarts. “I’m so excited to finally get to go to hogwarts! I can’t believe that it’s finally time for me to go! I’ve waited for like, 11 years to get my letter! Are you excited for your sixth year? You’re almost of age! I can’t wait until I’m of age. Just imagine being able to apparate instead of walk!” Holly rambles on for a few minutes, never giving her annoyed brother a chance to respond.

(BTW, if you are making a second character, realize that they will eventually die)