The God of Highschool

Hey guys so this is an RP about fighting! like martial arts… and stuff… yeah… ANYWAYS!

You are a competitor in the GOH competition! The winner of the competition will receive one wish, and there are namely three steps in the competition!

ONE: The invitations. Everyone will receive an invitation to participate in the tournament
TWO: Weeding out the weak.
THREE: 1v1 matches

Everyone may choose ONE martial art type, along with ONE borrowed power. (BP or borrowed power, vary in strength and size and usually come from mythology. Such as Siren, Jack the Ripper, Eagle, or Prince Natak. They can be gods, but MSG me if you want to be a God BP)

However when the tournament ends… A corruption will show up, along with a war between the Gods and the Demons… So how should this play out?

Name: Irang Lee
Description: White, red eyes, scars on his arms. Black top, grey bottom.
Martial Arts: Re-Taekwondo
Borrowed Power: Nine-Tails Guardian

(has someone been reading webtoons? xD nice profile pic btw steak-boi)

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Name: Andrew Tyson
Description: Tall, Muscular, Blue eyes, black hair, place skin. (Adpoted by Mike Tyson) He is level headed and doesn’t get angry easy. He takes fighting very seriously.
Martial Arts: Boxing (taught by Mike Tyson)
Borrowed Power: Bragi (Son if Odin)

(SO tempting. Might hold out for a Tower of God rp tho. Will be fun to watch this play out!)

Name: leah O’Neill
Description: red hair and gold eyes.
Loves reading books, is level headed and is very foucesed.
Martial Arts: ninjutsu (I’m a ninja turtle XD)
Borrowed Power: buddha of 1000 hands

(Ninjitsu, in ninja turtles? I picture it more in Ninjago.)


I’m sorry I just have an odd obsession for the show)

Irang got up, stretching as he did and looked up at the sky. The GOH tournament would begin soon enough. He walked on, his white hoodie with his hood over his head, earbuds plugged in as he started humming into the GOH building.

Leah say on a bench reading a book.

As Irang walked in, he saw that a lot of people were already in the building, and lights were focused on six spots in the huge building. Almost like an arena.

He grinned at the sight.

Leah finished her book and closed it. She went and sat by the lake and put some music in.

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Andrew walked into the GOH building, boxing gloves hanging from his bag. He glanced around deciding to sit down.

Leah took her hands out of her pocket. They were rapped in bandages. She walked to the GOH building.