The Hunger Games

This roleplay has been made like 5 times by now, but I’ma start it again and hope it doesn’t die last time!

Last time this was made it was by @Crystal_Silver and had like 1000 replies (I scrolled through all of them to find the top of the thread :/). Let’s do it again ;D

I’m going to be playing the Capital and decide things like if you get sponsors, what the arena looks like, what supplies you find, etc. to make things fair.

Here’s how to join:

Offensive or Defensive:
Choice of Weapon:
Character Looks
Short Background of your Character:
Anything Else ya want?


  1. Don’t be OP. Obviously, people are going to have to die in this, but don’t run around and suddenly murder everyone in a wave of fabness.
  2. Don’t swear or be a meanie :c
  3. Don’t post in here unless you’re actually RP’ing. Meaning, don’t be spamming this with random conversations to people. If you have a specific question though, feel free to ask it in (this)
  4. Be willing to play the game fairly. If your character suddenly gets a disadvantage, you have to work through it and not just be like “meh.”
  5. May the odds be EVER in your favor :wink:

District 1 - EMPTY - Luxury
District 1 - Penelope Eden - Luxury
District 2 - EMPTY - Masonry
District 2 - Petra Kutya - Masonry
District 3 - EMPTY - Technology
District 3 - Willow Newford - Technology
District 4 - EMPTY - Fishing
District 4 - Levi Litore - Fishing
District 5 - Matthew Delaroch - Power
District 5 - EMPTY - Power
District 6 - EMPTY - Transportation
District 6 - EMPTY - Transportation
District 7 - Alan Oakwood - Lumber
District 7 - Saige Oakwood - Lumber
District 8 - EMPTY - Textiles
District 8 - EMPTY - Textiles
District 9 - EMPTY - Grain
District 9 - EMPTY - Grain
District 10 - EMPTY - Livestock
District 10 - EMPTY - Livestock
District 11 - EMPTY - Agriculture
District 11 - EMPTY - Agriculture
District 12 - EMPTY - Coal Mining
District 12 - EMPTY - Coal Mining

Btw, to anyone questioning how we’re going to do this: I’m going to use the hunger games simulator to get our basic story, and to see when players die. You guys will add more details and personal info to the basic story.

If we come with making decisions (such as if you are able to survive being stabbed, etc.) I will use an online simulator that’s sorta like /mroll on Mordonia.

Name: Saige Oakwood
Age: 14
District: Seven
Offensive or Defensive: Offensive
Choice of Weapon: Axe
Character Looks Saige is 5’9 and has long, straight brown hair that reaches her waist as well as tan skin with freckles and blue eyes.
Short Background of your Character: Saige grew up using axes, having used one since she was a toddler. Her family was far from rich, seeing as they lived in the districts, but they weren’t struggling for money. She wasn’t unhappy as a child but feared for the day that her name could be drawn.
Anything Else ya want? Uhhh idk, some french toast maybe?

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Name: Levi (prounounced leh-vee) Litore
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District: 4
Offensive or Defensive: Defensive (unless provoked or engaged)
Choice of Weapon: Knives
Character Looks: She has red-brown hair that is on the darker side, brown eyes, and is of a slender, average build (5’5’’ in height). One defining trait of hers is her freckles, and her eyebrows have a specific arch to them when she’s in a mischievous and playful mood. She naturally dresses in a casual manner, and is not very feminine when it comes to her sense of style.
Background: Her parents, Llywella and Rae Litore, met when Llywella saved Rae from drowning after his horseplay caused him to fall off a ship. When his leg got caught in an old net, holding him down, and the ship was about to run over him, the crew not being quick enough to stop the boat, she jumped in, helped undo the net, and pulled him out before any harm was done. Eventually, they married and had four children: Asher, the oldest, Noah, the second, and two twins, the slightly older Liam and slightly younger Levi. As a child, Levi was trained at an early age to fish, swim, and sail, and as her father was the captain of a ship, she was expected to go into that profession. She was always excited at that very idea, and couldn’t wait to become a captain. Growing up in a house of brothers, she was always treated as no less (equal) and was expected to do the same jobs and live up to the same expectations as them. Her only female friend, Elsie, was made in school after they both ran the fastest in gym class. From there, they started running together, often talking, and they became close outside of school as well.
Additional: N/A (for the time being)

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Name: Willow ‘Maple’ Newford
Gender Female
Age: 16
District: 3
Offensive or Defensive: Offense, but can do defense
Choice of Weapon: A sharp, but small dagger. Can be carried in pocket
Character Looks: Sharp black hair, like a crow’s feathers. Green emerald eyes, much like her father’s. She often wears short sleeve shirts, with a hoodie and long black leggings.
Short Background of your Character: Willow always lived in a nice lifestyle. The environment was great, but not really the school. At school, she was bullied and made fun of a lot. She disliked this, but went to school and acted like all was fine. When Willow was around 13, a young, around 5-year-old girl was left at her family’s doorstep. They tried to see if she had a family, but she claimed that they abandoned her. She said her name was Elise, and she only wants a family. Being as kind as the family was, they took in little Elise, and even if Willow is paler, and Elise is tanner, they still are sisters.
Anything Else ya want? Willow would do everything for her sister.

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(Feel free to RolePlay about your lives at home. Once we have at least 1 member in each district, we will start.

IRP it is currently around March-April. The Reaping draws near enough to cause a spark of worry, but isn’t near enough to cause a drastic effect.)

Name: Penelope ‘Penny’ Eden
Gender: Female
Age: 12
District: One.
Offensive or Defensive: Offensive, but will defend when needed.
Character looks: Wavy Blonde hair that is always but into a french braid, but down, it goes to her waist, light blue eyes, and her skin his pale. She has a couple freckles.
Choice of Weapon: Bow and Arrow, dagger.
Short Background of your Character: She grew up always practicing shooting, since she was 6. She was also always spoiled, and would get anything she wanted. Though kind of prissy, she would get dirty with her brothers, and would love to hang out with them, as everyone she knew, adored them. She is okay at combat. Every year she would be excited when others names were drawn, but this year hers was. Her family had a lot of money, and her parents were always kind to the rich, but nice to the poor. She was taught that poor were “Dirty rascals.” Every couple of years her family always visited the capital to greet the people there. She loves to be with her cat and father. Penny has 3 older brothers she adored, and a younger sister. Charles, James, William and Lizzie.
Anything Else ya want? She can be a bit violent when people are threatining her… and shes pretty strong

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Name: Alan Oakwood
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Distract: 7
Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow
Offense or defense: Both
Looks: 5’8 130 pounds long brown hair blue eyes
Character background: had a good childhood for living in a distract. Had two brothers and one sister. But one day when he was 9 his oldest brother Fred died of the flu. And he has always had nightmares of being in the Hunger Games. Even though he is strategicall and strong
Anything else ya want: a nice bagel

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Penny sits on her bed, waiting for her dad to bring her out to shoot her bow and arrow. Instead, her younger sister comes out and starts to annoy her. “Ugh. Just go away, Lizzie.” She finally gives up and goes to the coat rack. She throws on her hoodies, and pulls out her dagger out of the back pocket in her jeans. “Mom! I’m going to go out and get some food!” She yelled upstairs. She walked outside, and to the deli and later the bakery. “2 loaves of bread please? 3 steaks.” She grunted towards the merchants at the different stores. She strolled back to her house and practiced chucking the dagger at the tree. After about 15 minutes, she went back inside. “Back!” She yelled into the doorway. “Heyy Pennyyy.” Her brothers strolled into the living room. “It’s the reaping soon. You scared?” She looked around. “Yep. A bit.” Penny went to her room and started reading.

Saige could feel her arms ache, she had been chopping trees for hours and it was tiring. However, she was grateful for it, it gave her something to do to take her mind off the upcoming reaping. She knew that there were people with a lot worse odds than her but she was still scared, everyone was at this time of year. They feared for themselves, their children, grandchildren, siblings. Whenever the reaping came around most of the districts were swallowed in fear, exactly as the capital wanted them to. Most understood that the Hunger Games were a way of striking fear into those not fortunate enough to live in the Capital, where food was plentiful and no children were taken to either kill or be killed, slaughter or be slaughtered. Saige had made it through two reapings already without her name being drawn, but she had many more to go until she was safe from ever being a player in the Capital’s twisted murder game.

Lilly Dean paced around her office, planning the events for this year’s Hunger Games. She knew this year had to be the best year the audience had ever seen; after all, this is the year 2374. It is the final year before the Quarter Quell. Lilly knows if she bombs this year, not only will she be banned from ever planning another game again, but she may possibly even face death.

This is, after all, Lilly’s first time ever working with the Hunger Games. She is very young, being only 26 years old. A little over a decade ago, she had been champion for a Hunger Games she partook in. She remembered being a small fourteen-year-old child. She hid in a tree for most of the game, and eventually won when her last opponent starved to death.

Lilly has dark brown hair. She always wears it down, and it falls halfway down her back. On days when she’s feeling adventurous, she pushes it back in a headband. She starts sketching what the arena could look like. Her skyblue eyes rapidly moving across the paper, her brain processing what she is seeing.

Lilly looks to the calendar. April 1st. Almost to the day of the reaping, May 21st. Lilly thinks about when her name had been pulled out of the crystal ball. The shock on her face. The sobbing of her parents. But she pushed the thought away. You can’t be going soft. Not now. Not when you’re about to be the cause of 23 deaths. Som Lilly pushed the thought from her mind, and went back to planning the arena. I can deal with my past later.

as Alan slowly cut down tree after tree all he could think about was what would happen if him or his siblings where reaped and sent of to the hunger games. he new what his mother would say though his mother could always think of the perfect thing to say she would say something like “you have always been good with a bow and arrow Alan just stay on the defense and pick them of one by one” though he did not think that he or his siblings would be reaped district 7 was pretty big and so many have to sigh up for tesserae but still he was engulfed in fear

Levi cast her rod into the waters, feeling the familiar sensation of the fish attaching itself to the bait. With dexterity, she quickly snatched the fish from the waters, dropping it lazily in the bucket. She tried not to think about the reaping, attempting to keep her mind solely on getting more food for dinner, but she couldn’t help but think about it from time to time. She occasionally wondered what it would be like to be reaped. The people who were reaped from her district were either Careers or scared out of their wits. Ugh, she thought as Careers came to her mind. She had been enrolled in the Career academy two years prior, but dropped out because she found it to be a waste of time; the kids there would spend their entire lives training for the Games, only to volunteer and, most likely, die. She wasn’t going to live like that.

True, the academy did allow her to gain plenty of useful skills, but she learned many others from her district, no fancy academy required. She was the fastest girl in her class, amazing with a net, great with a trident, competent with swords and bows, and excellent with knives. That isn’t important, though, she thought. I might not even have my name drawn; there’s nothing to worry about. If I get reaped, then I can think about everything. For now, I’m just fishing, safe in my district. She took a deep breath, brushing a stray strand of auburn hair from her face as her thoughts then transitioned to worries about other people. Elsie… what if she gets reaped? No, no… first of all, it won’t happen. Second of all, she’s also really fast and agile… granted, she hasn’t really trained, but… no. No, she’s going to die if she’s reaped… If she’s reaped, I’ll volunteer. That’s it, though. If anyone else is reaped, they’re going in. She nodded slowly in resolution before attaching more bait to her line and slinging it back into the cool, clear water.

Name: Petra Kutya
Gender Female
Age: 14
District: 2
Offensive or Defensive: Defensive (unless threatened)
Choice of Weapon: Axe (keeps a spare pocket knife at all times)
Character Looks: Dominika has long straight black hair that is typically tied up. She naturally has an athletic build. Her eyes give a distinctive shade of green. Her skin is fair although she does get red easily. She prefers casual comfortable clothing when alone but enjoys dressing up when presented in front of others.
Short Background of your Character: She grew up in the Masonry district thus admiring change and new ideas. She was raised in an ordinary household up until she was 9. Her mother had past away due to an ‘accident.’ This left Dominika infuriated and she took her anger out in throwing axes at trees in a forest by the outskirts of towns. When she was 11, her brother volunteered in the upcoming hunger games. They would practice together thus becoming very close. She was sure that he would win, or at least be in the last few. Unfortunately he died within the first hour due to bad timing. Many of her friends looked down upon him, as he was deemed as weak. She took this personally and distanced herself from everyone. Her father was unable to take care of himself, leaving Dominika to look after the both of them. She matured quickly through this. If she were ever to be reaped, she intended to ensure that she would reinstate her family name.
Anything Else ya want? N/A

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Petra sat on a pipe from a previous infrastructure that was never built and admired the district distinctive skyline. She outlined the buildings with her finger and sighed. The reaping was soon and she felt rather indecisive. She wanted to eventually partake in the hunger games, but she had her father at home to take care of. He can take care of himself, she thought, but she knew this wasn’t true. What if she died? Could this be the last time she sits on this pipe? The most she thought about it, the more she envisioned herself in the event of the hunger games. If this were to happen, she might as well practice ahead for it. She headed home on the well paved streets. Her house was a bit far, but it was near the forest, which she liked. It gave her space to disassociate herself from others. She took a glance through the front window and couldn’t see past the empty bottles on the windowsill. Not again, hopefully by the time I get home he’ll pass out. She went to the back and grabbed two axes, one in each hand, and went to the forest.

After several hours of throwing axes, the tree in front of her looked less like a tree. She thought of maybe envisioning a person in place of the tree but it only freaked her out. Up until then, she was confident in being successful in the hunger games but this also meant hurting others. She knew what it was like to be hurt, to lose those close to you. She had never wished this upon anyone else. She shook her head, and continued practicing until the tree eventually tipped over. By this time it was dusk and she headed home.

“Penelope! Lizzie!” Her parents called her and her sister downstairs. “C’mon, Penny!” Lizzie grabbed Penny’s hand, and pulled her to the stairs. Penny wriggled out of her grasp, and scoffed while Lizzie continued to run down the stairs. Penny grabs the railing and slowly walks down looking at her parents who were chatting to her sisters. She reaches the floor and swiftly walks towards the sofa. Charles walk up to her and pat her on the back. “Reaping clothes.” William whispered in her ear. He held up his dress shirts and trousers their parents had given them. Penny looked back and sighed. She walked up to the couch and sat down next to Lizzie. Lizzie hugged her, but she shook out off it. “Get off.” She hissed into Lizzie’s ear.

“Mkay. As you know, the reaping is coming up soon.” Her mother said looking into her children’s eyes. Her mother hands Penny and Lizzie dresses. Lizzie had a pink overalls dress and a white shirt underneath, with expensive shoes. Penny got 2 hair bows, and her dress was a layred light blue dress with frills all over. In the middle-top there was a bright blue bow. She got long gloves and tall boots. “Now. Those better last the next couple of years.” Their mother looks towards Penny, who always gets new clothes.

Penny stands up and goes to her room. Once she reaches her room, she puts on her new dress and puts her hair into two french braids. She ties her hair with the bows, and looks into the mirror. “Hmph. Not horrible.” She mumbles to herself. She grabs her dagger off of her bedside table and slips it into her pocket. “Right! Dana!”

She had remembered that she was supposed to meet her friend. She slipped into her overalls and ran down the stairs while stuffing her reaping dress into a bag. “Mom! I’m going to sleep over at Dana’s.” She called to her parents on her way down. She grabbed her jacket and ran outside, then down the street. She slammed her hand on the door 3 times. The door creaks open a bit, and a head pokes out. “Penny!” the woman says, swinging the door open more. She hugs Penny and she laughs. “Come on in! Dana is upstairs.” She says. Penny walks in and slides her boots off. “Thank you!” Penny says dashing up the stairs. She knocks on her friends door; the third to the right off of the stair landing. “Pen?” Dana says, walking over to the door. Penny walks in and smiles. Dana throws some blankets onto her sofa, along with some pillows. Dana’s kitten jumped onto the couch and curled up into a ball. “Do you have your reaping outfit yet?” Penny says, pulling hers out of the bag and laying it on the floor. “Yep!” Dana walked into her closet getting into it. Penny changed into hers too. “Haha!” Penny says. Their dresses are identical. “What time is it?” Dana asked. “Um- 12:30.” Penny says, looking at her watch. “We should sleep.” Dana says. They both slip into their blankets, and doze off to sleep.

Name: Matthew Delaroch
Gender Male
Age: 14
District: 5 (Power)
Offensive or Defensive: Offense, but sometimes stays back for defense.
Choice of Weapon: Bow and arrow. Carries around a fold-in small sword.
Character Looks He is pale with short curly ginger hair. He is tall, especially for his age and has a slight muscle build, slim. He has bright blue eyes, thought they are visibly cold. Has a scar on his cheek.
Short Background of your Character: Matthew grew up in a rather rich class, a bit better than middle class humans. His natural complete affinity to bows let him go out to practises a lot with it, leaving him attacked by a wolf when he was not paying attention. From then on, he carries the fold-in sword, just in case. He’s generally cold and collected, though very intelligent.
Anything Else ya want? He’s best with surprise attacks. He caries around a small hidden pouch with a medic kit, from his father. Likes to be called Matthew, by full name.

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He felt himself waking up, and as he looked over, he noticed the time was 6:30 am. Sighing, he stood up, getting dressed and meeting the rest of the family downstairs for breakfast. Only a month and a half remained till the reaping, but he didn’t care. After all, his entire family were finding it a goal to shove him in it, so he didn’t mind the possibility of getting killed.

(Just to let y’all know it’s the beginning of April irp, and the reaping takes place on May 21st, so there’s still about a month and a half)

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