The Jungle Book Art?

I’m doing the Jungle Book play/musical in an after-school program and I’m making character concept art. So far, I only have Mor the peacock, but let me know if you want more. :3
(Apologies for the bad lighting. Also, this is on my drive since I have cough cough no other accounts for stuff, so try not to hack me, ok? :heart: )

Oh, yeah. If you were wondering, this person has no face or skin tone because I kinda wanted it to look like a mannequin. I’m not just a creepy person who has no face.


Awesome drawing! I definitely think you should do more!

I haven’t watched the jungle book in forever but that’s amazing!!!

Thanks! And I’m sorry that the colours are a bit messed up in the photo-- it was night time when I took it.

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