The Knights of Medhir Emerge- A Merlin RP

Welcome, all! Before joining, please read both the story premise, which is based on the show, Merlin (especially a specific episode), and the rules regarding this RP.

Plot: This roleplay is based on an episode of the show Merlin in which the Knights of Medhir attack Camelot. The knights are extremely strong, none being able to defeat them, although exceptional fighters can hold them off; their only weakness is the source of their magic, and the source must be destroyed in order to ensure their downfall. This RP takes place before the show, so none of the canon characters have been currently born. However, the Pendragon line is currently on the throne, and the sorceress Medhir has just laid the foundations for her scheme–she plans to send a sleeping curse across the kingdom to render its citizens defenseless before dispatching her newly converted Knights of Medhir to execute the king.
However, a few citizens (that’s where you come in) miraculously were not in the kingdom at the time the sleeping curse spread (whether out on a trip, at market, or anywhere else), and they arrive at the kingdom to find, to their horror, their friends, families, and even their ruler fast asleep. However, none are aware of the approaching knights, and only stories have told of their lack of any vulnerabilities or mortality, given to them by magic.


  1. No OP characters (magic/combat skill can easily be OP, so if someone tells you you’re being too OP with powers or combat prowess, please try and be more realistic about it. The entire idea is that a somewhat-average group of people with skills and powers but little experience band together to save the day.
  2. Please, no making things up about other people’s characters that they did not approve of, because it forces them to change either their character’s background or the character itself.
  3. Those on the “evil” side are NPCs, so please, no traitors-in-the-midst.
  4. No metagaming; even if you know the source of the curse OOC or know that the knights are coming OOC, the entire point is that you don’t know it IRP.
  5. Try to not be too lazy with your RPs; really convey the thoughts of your characters, go into detail, describe things, and please don’t just make one-sentence posts.

Current Characters (NPCs):
King Gavienus Pendragon- Currently asleep from the spell, in great peril
Princess Ameline Pendragon- Has been afflicted by the illness, currently awake when the citizens arrive but slowly falling asleep by the minute

Roleplay Ranks and Abilities:


Nobility (Up to 2 people, message me for this role)- Lords/Ladies of the Court, close to the king

Courtiers/Council Members (No limit UNLESS too many people decide to be this)- Moderately wealthy citizens with some political influence

Court Physician (1 person)- In charge of medical business in the kingdom, but cannot seem to find a cure for this current catastrophe

Castle Servants- Could be personal attendants to the king or princess, or they could simply be one of the cooks out on errands–you decide

Bakers, Blacksmiths, Barkeeps, etc.- Any working-class citizen of Camelot, you can create any occupation you want to or choose one listed

Military- These people are your knights, archers, and spies, and they all fall under this category; all of the NPC military has been put to sleep, so these people are left without their comrades and must fend for themselves while protecting their king (also, there is no commander, as these knights work together and on the same level)


Magic- While nobody who is currently awake is an expert or advanced individual at magic
(to avoid being too OP), one can move objects or briefly slow down motion with a simple flash of their eyes, which turn gold upon using it; they can be almost anyone in the kingdom, but for the sake of not having too much power, nobles and courtiers are not allowed magic, since they have enough political power as is, and military ranks/people with high skill levels regarding combat are also denied magic, since they already have a method of defense.

Combat Skill- Those who were trained in any weapon have this ability, and although any military ranks must have this, someone who doesn’t have magic already can have this too, as long as there’s a reason for why they were trained in combat and how they received that training.

Special Trade- This could be medicine, in the Court Physician’s case, brewing, farming, baking–anything that goes along with a working-class rank or one that requires a certain non-combat skill.

Join Format:

RP Name:
RP Profession/Rank:
Short Background (Please put at least some effort into this, minimum is 3 sentences while maximum is 2 paragraphs):
Personality (Include both strengths and weaknesses):
Ability (If any):

RP Name: Irang Park
RP Profession/Rank: Military Spy
Short Background (Please put at least some effort into this, minimum is 3 sentences while maximum is 2 paragraphs): A youth who had his shadow under his father, he longed to break out. His ideology of friend over everything ruled his life, until the day that his parents died, due to a failure in a mission. Trained in personal combat, and assassination, he became the perfect killer and could master any weapon handed to him.
Appearance: Black hair with one red eye, the other violet.
Personality (Include both strengths and weaknesses): Cold, indifferent. He’s known to be very methodical, but close people to him hold a special place in his heart.
Ability (If any): Combat skills, and he also knows a little bit of medicine, due to his mother being a physician.

RP Name: Elyana Brenner
RP Profession/Rank: Barmaid/Barkeep Apprentice
Short Background (Please put at least some effort into this, minimum is 3 sentences while maximum is 2 paragraphs): Her father owns the local tavern, so she grew up living a moderate lifestyle with her basic needs met. She looks up to her older brother, but she was always jealous of him because he was to inherit the tavern. However, that didn’t stop her from working hard, striving to create a place where people could enjoy themselves and unwind after long work days. She has hobbies of singing and playing the lyre in addition to brewing, and she often entertains the customers with her music for tips. However, the one secret she never told anyone about is her magic, which she was born with. She doesn’t have much experience with it, and it sparks up at random times, but she considers it a unique gift that she carefully guards.
Appearance: She has long brown hair with touches of red, light skin with a sprinkling of freckles, gray eyes, slender and of average height.
Personality (Include both strengths and weaknesses): She’s rather social, knowing a wide range of people in the town, as well as their stories, and she has a natural charisma about her. She’s also rather hardworking and industrious, as well as honest and fair. However, she can sometimes be too uptight and has a short fuse when under stress or pressure, and can also be rather obstinate at times, refusing to back down when she strongly believes in something (regardless of whether she’s actually right or not).
Ability (If any): Magic (as music and brewing aren’t of any use in the situation).

RP Name: Matthew Kalo

RP Profession/Rank: Blacksmith’s apprentice

Short Background: Matthew was raised by loving parents in a family of five. He was the middle child, so naturally he had middle child syndrome. His magic first showed itself when he was 12. He kept it a secret, knowing it was unnatural.
He had a particular skill in forging weapons and tools, so he became a blacksmith’s apprentice. He was gone selling weapons when the curse was cast.

Appearance: Matthew is strong, as one becomes when spending countless hours handling metal. He is tall, with Black hair and Blue eyes.

Personality: Matthew is friendly, and very trusting. Too trusting. His friends are his first priority no matter what. He’s very compassionate and understanding. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and his emotions are very unprotected.
Ability: Matthew is fairly competent with weapons, along with his magic.