The League of Justice(see what I did there?)

If the title didn’t give it away, this is a justice league Roleplay. Have fun, and dun make this rp as bad as the new DC Movies. (except Wonder Woman. That movie was great.)


  1. Keep it PG.
  2. No Metagaming or powergaming.


Alignment: (hero, villain, or vigilante)

Name: lucifer
Age: 20
Gender: male
Power/Skill: magic. (Knows normal magic but also has magic like ravens.)
Alignment: hero
Background: is the grandson to trigon and is the son to raven.
Description/Personality: unlike his grandfather he is friendly and believe humans are worth protecting. He is smart and serious almost all the time. In his human form he is tall. Wear’s a black suit and tie and has short sleak green hair. His true form is the same exept he grows horns. His skin turns red and he now has 4 bright orange eyes.
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Name: Eris
Age: 2794
Gender: Female
Power/Skill: Villain
Background: Eris, the greek goddess of discord has existed for hundreds of years, but was confined to a small, diamond box by her nemesis Harmonia after she caused the Trojan war. When a girl just so happened to stumble upon this, she took her chance and possessed her, turning her into one of her vessels of existence.
Description/Personality: Chaotic, flirtatious, and menacing. Eris dons herself in a torn, black gown, bearing tears on her skirt and right sleeve, having no other sleeve. At 5’9’’, she has long black hair that curls down. Her eyes shine turquoise.

Name: Miranda Lynn
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Power/Skill: Light Magic
Alignment: Hero
Background: After mistakenly finding an Amazonian relic, Miranda Lynn became the Earth’s envoy to the goddess of Discord, Eris. Consciously knowing all Eris does, she loathes everything about the goddess. Even though she finds some small points of freedom from her, it is very rare.
Description/Personality: Kind, generous, and compassionate. She commonly wears a blue-lined, white blazer over a lavender button-up along with white jeans and blue flats. She is 5’9’’ with light blonde hair she usually keeps up in a bun. She has emerald green eyes.

Name: Larter Trar
Age: 20ish
Gender: female
Power/Skill: very fast and agile
Alignment: vigilante (That will become a hero.)
Background: When she was a kid she always wanted to be a gymnast, so she set that goal and worked and worked for it, she was doing pretty well in her goal until she was kidnapped, the people kept her from her family and taught her how to fight, they gave her a drug that made her forget about her parents, and that her parents were actually there, she finally escaped cause she figured out they weren’t her parents, she’s been attacking gangs that were kidnapping children ever since.
Description/Personality: very fast and agile, she doesn’t trust strangers and kills, not captures.

Name| Ember Sanato-Quinn.
Age| Fifteen.
Gender| Female.
Power/Skill| Pyrokinesis and typhokinesis, although they’re more or less the same thing. She’s also pretty good at regular street-fighting.
Alignment| Vigilante.

Background| Born and raised in California, Ember gained her powers when she was kicked out of the family home and, while looking for a place to stay the night, was caught up in an explosion at a nearby chemical plant. She was left with her powers from the chemicals, which she now uses for both her own gain and to help people.

Description/Personality| Ember is very laid-back and carefree, and can come across as brutally honest and somewhat unkind. However, she can be rather hot-headed and tends to rush head-first into things without thinking, but she does care about the people around her and want to keep them safe.

She has ear-length orange hair a few shades lighter than ginger, as well as amber eyes and pale skin. She’s quite scrawny in build, and has burn scars down her right side from the explosion. She usually wears a pair of orange-tinted goggles, a respirator, a Three Days Grace tee, black faded jeans, black Converse high-tops, brown leather fingerless gloves and a grey striped hoodie.

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In a tech-guarded museum at midnight, a portal of black and teal hues appeared. Eris stepped out. She stood in front of an old, gilded bookcase with greek lettering on every books’ binding. She pulled out two from it, triggering an alarm. “Hm…The rest of these seem interesting.” She gave a sly grin. She blew a kiss at the golden bookcase, causing it to erupt into turquoise flames that melted into nothingness. “I bet Hades could use a good read. You know what,” she looked at the many artefacts,“I bet Hades would LOVE an entire museum filled with culture.” After flying through the ceiling, she let out a maniacal laugh that could be heard all over Gotham. Hovering upside down in the sky, she looked up(downwards). She curled up in a fetal position, then her body burst outward. The Museum exploded in a bright-teal inferno. She laughed uncontrollably. “Oh, I do hope they had guards. And guard dogs! Woof woof blegh” she let out her tongue, playing dead in the sky before continuing to laugh.

Name: Rilynn Thomas
Age: she looks like she’s 19 or 20 (there’s a reason why I say “she looks like”)
Gender: female
Power/Skill: shes a good fighter and an incredible archer. Plus she’s stronger, faster, and more agile than humans, but not by a lot (there’s a reason for this, you’ll find out later)
Alignment: people think she’s evil, she’s currently sort of a vigilante. She also tends to cause some trouble.
Background: (this will be short since I want most of her background to be revealed later in the rp) She currently works at an ice skating rink where she teaches kids to skate
Description/Personality: Rilynn is quite odd. She doesn’t enjoy being told what to do and I said often very stubborn. She rarely trust anyone.

Rilynn has long wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes. She is normally wearing a black hoodie, gray leggings, and black uggs.

Lucifer walks through dimensions until he gets to his mother’s old house. There he grabs one of her old spell books and a few things that she asked him to grab. He then walks threw a bunch of portals till he got to his mom’s house. “Mom, I git the things you wanted.” Raven looks up from her book. “Thank you dear. Set then on the table would you.” Lucifer set them down. “Hey where are dad and lily.” “Oh your father’s out teaching her to hunt again.” Lucifers watched started beeping. Raven looked up. “Well what are you doing go.” Lucifer walked the portals till he got to Gotham City. When he got to the scene he saw the problem. Someone had stole somthing. That somthing being the entire Museum.

“Ugh. The baby bird came to poop on my parade. Too bad for him - I’m starting to pack up.” She opened a small portal and threw the two books she’d pulled away previously before closing it. She swirled in the air nearby Lucifer.“So you’re only a demon? Forgive me, probably a quarter demon; why is it that you and mother goose always try and stomp out the fun stuff?”

(He like half demon half what ever beast boy is XD.)
"You took stuff that was fun to other people. So I guess we’re both the bad guys here. Oh well."
In a second there was a big black hand coming up behind her.

“You think museums are fun? Ugh, such a bibliofile.” She felt the magic hand behind her. “You know kid, I kind of have this thing that tells me when chaotic stuff happens. Let me tell you, that magic of yours is like a beacon. I’ll just have to outshine you.” The magic hand lost it’s form and turned to acid that rained down towards civillians. She struck a pose ending with a hand and her head to the air. With a snap and a giggle, she created three house-sized bubbles that looked iridescent. She flicked them off if three directions. “You may want to help the people out. Acid is deadly. I feel worse for the people who experience my emotion bubbles; let’s just hope I didn’t do my three usual fear and anger. That could go very wrong.” She laughed loudly thinking of how much chaos she was making.

His eyes glowed “Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Aldruon Enlenthranel Vosolen Lirus-nor.” Black hands sprouted out every where covering the people. A book apeared and the acid was flung into it sealing it.

(Any vigilantes want to help out that would be fine XD.)

Rilynn stared at the wall of her apartment, her gaze burning into a picture on the wall. She let out a laugh as she smashed it, her hand going through the picture. “I don’t deserve this!” She shouted at the smashed photo. She backed up as the photo hit the ground. As she was backing up though, she walked into the armor Rilynn kept in the corner. She fell as it fell on top of her. Rilynn rolled her eyes. “Of course this happens to me.” She muttered.