The Lychee War

As some of you may have noticed… recently on discord some people have been doing this: (Photo credit to Ava)

Here’s some context behind why this phenomena has occurred.

A couple of days ago Ava and I happened to stumble across a topic in regards to this rather peculiar fruit called Lychee.

Here’s a picture if you don’t know what it is.


Now back on topic…

What we noticed is that Ava and I had very different ways to pronounce it’s name. She called them Lee-chee and I called them Lie-chee.

Now you might say to me, “But Tal, Lee-chee is the Amercian way to say it and Lie-chee is the British way to say it.”

My response to that statement. :arrow_down:


So to finally lay rest to this Lychee war I will set up a poll to see which pronunciation is the superior one and hopefully y’all sane and use Lie-chee not Lee-chee.

  • “Lie-chee”
  • “Lee-chee”

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~Smolo/Tal :sunflower:



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lee-chee is superior in every way :V


you spelt lie-chee wrong

no ;-;

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Uhm you forgot an option





tsk tsk its lee chee its not up for debate its just a set fact :relieved:

Lie-chee, why do you insist on being wrong?

I mean- evidence says otherwise harry image

It’s technically both but I just say lie-chee because of the “y” in lychee

I say lie-ji because that’s the Cantonese pronunciation xDD

Technically, both pronunciations are correct. Lee-chee is the more Mandarin-based way of pronouncing it whereas Lie-chee is the more Cantonese way of saying it. It’s not really British vs American, it’s more dependent on whether an area has more Cantonese (aka, southern China / Hong Kong) influence or Mandarin (mainland china / standard chinese) influence.

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Haley honey,
we are done. This is not a pronunciation that I can support it any way.

It is lie-chee.


This piece of evidence is now false cause the numbers have changed lol

rip the sane people who say lee-chee in that case ;-;

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I am a Linguistics Major (the study of languages scientifically) and here–according to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) [American emphasis]~more details below~

L= normal ‘L’ sound i= ee. ʃ=tch (like the chard “ch” in Church) i=ee

IPA a global alphabet with unique characters that describe how to pronounce words–it is universal so can be used to pronounce other languages) however, I found /ˈlitʃi/ from the American IPA website

Exactly! It’s different in different languages. In regards to the American vs British, I even then different types of English can pronounce lychee different since there are different vowel sounds in Austrialian English @Napstablook vs American English @Ava