The Magikal Knights

Heyo! Here’s another roleplay brought to you by Ollie! Not gonna lie… this is kinda a stolen idea from several anime… But other then that, here’s how it works! SO. In the near future a war is predicted to happen between the two most powerful countries. So, in order to prepare, who do they turn to? High schoolers! In this role play you will be the so called “Magikal Knights” in training. You may chose either side, however neither will be defined as good or evil. Also, Magikal Knights use a combination of weapons and magic, mostly magic to enhance their weapon capabilities.

The basics: Magikal Knights are sorted by magical rank, physical ability, and over all intelligence. (more in the sign up process) ALSO keep in mind the military will not want to recruit anyone below average. (also more in sign up). If you have any questions, and want to approve your rank with me then feel free to pm me. IF ANYONE HAS A OVERALL GRADE OF OVER 80 THEN PM ME TO APROVE Also no 100% allowed. Everyone has a weakness and is able to be beat in some way. Cough Kaneki Cough

Here’s how to sign up:
Role Play Name: (Self explanatory)
Role Play Grade: (Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior)
Weapon of Choice: (Anywhere from Sword to Gun… just nothing to one spot people)
Magic type/description: (for example elemental wind)
Magical Grade out of 100: (A percentage)
Physical Grade out of 100: (Also percent. Factors in speed, strength, and general fighting experience)
Intelligence Grade out of 100: (Percent basic on test score averages)
Average percent: (Add all percents and divide by 3)
Character Description: (Looks, personality, etc)
Enrolled School: (Dracovia or Unstilium)

I will not made my character until after at least 3 people join so that not everyone decides to join my school xD

PS: 50 is average for everyone 60 is slightly above, 70 is decent, 80 is great, and 90-100 is unhuman

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Role Play Name: rena zento
Role Play Grade: Sophmore (10th)
Weapon of Choice: two hand cannons
Magic type/description: vibrations. Basicly toph from avatar just not as big of a range. (Secondary earth.) Kinda like swamp thing or poison Ives powers. So can make different plants come up from the ground. Can control rocks and boulders. Stuff like thay.
Magical Grade out of 100: 80
Physical Grade out of 100: 75
Intelligence Grade out of 100: 75
Average percent: 76.666
Character Description: green hair and gold eyes. She Wears a baseball cap along with a dark green hoodie and blue jeans.

She is nice and kind and loves nature.

Enrolled School: Unstilium

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Role Play Name: Cascadia Aqua.
Role Play Grade: Junior.
Weapon of Choice: Magic, or a longsword.
Magic type/description: Can control and summon fire. (Making her name ironic :P) She can make it roar up to about twenty two feet tall, and it can reach temperatures of about 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It wears her out though, to keep it consistently at that heat.

She is mostly immune to fire, though she will feel a bit of discomfort at the heat, like a hot summer day.

She can stand the cold very well, as though there was a fire burning in her belly… heh… :stuck_out_tongue:

Magical Grade out of 100: 90%
Physical Grade out of 100: 60%
Intelligence Grade out of 100: 80%
Average percent: 76%
Character Description: (Looks, personality, etc) She has bright amber hair and gray eyes, about medium height (5’4), a strong yet skinny frame, and pale skin with a few light freckles. Many guys find her cute. She is considered popular.

She has a firey personality, and is not afraid of a fight if you happen to get on her bad side! Otherwise she’s sweet and cheerful, if a bit hyper.

She also has a terrible sense of direction!

Enrolled School: Unstilium


RP Name: Christopher F.
RP Grade: Junior
Weapon of Choice: They only need their hands to do magic. No weapon required
Magic Type/description: Absorption: The ability to mimic any other magic. However, they need to be granted permission by the other person. How they gain permission is by fist bumping the person. He also has form magic where he can transform in to anyone as long as he knows what they look like. He can transform back at any time.
Magical Grade out of 100: 90%
Physical Grade out of 100: 70%
Intelligence Grade out of 100: 80%
Average Percent: 80%
Character Description: Christopher is an outsider. He has never fit in around the other people. However, he can wear a convincing mask of kindness and compassion in order to make friends and gain magical powers. He is 5’ 9", has brown hair, and brown eyes
Enrolled School: Unstilium


(Goose, want for Cascadia and Christopher to be friends?)

(sure! Frickin 8 characters)

(@Kaneki I summon you)

(If the overall grade is 80 does it need to be approved? Or is it just anything over 80?)

(I would prefer if you asked me about either. I’ve approved everyone so far tho)

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Role Play Name: Calliope Hart
Role Play Grade: Junior
Weapon of Choice: She uses a stick sickle
Magic type/description: She can manipulate electricity and can sense it as well
Magical Grade out of 100: 80%
Physical Grade out of 100: 70%
Intelligence Grade out of 100: 90%
Average percent: 80%
Character Description: Calliope doesn’t talk much. She isolates herself from others and is often studying instead of having fun. She is not very good at socializing and spends her time reading a lot.

Appearance wise, Calliope has long wavy blonde hair and green eyes. She’s tan and short, standing at 5’2” (is actually shorter than than irl). A
Enrolled School: Unstilium

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Role Play Name: Darren Zephyr
Role Play Grade: Junior.
Weapon of Choice: Any sharp object
Magic type/description: Wind. Darren can “talk” with the wind. Because of their close relationship he is able to manipulate it in many ways. This could be anywhere from gusts up to 200mph to making it solidify. However sometimes the wind is “too busy” or “won’t comply”. (Ps he can also fly xD)
Magical Grade out of 100: 95%
Physical Grade out of 100: 75%
Intelligence Grade out of 100: 70%
Average percent: 80%
Character Description: Green eyes, pale skin, dirty blonde hair, fairly tall (5’ 9"). Darren is a very calm and collected guy. He doesn’t get bothered easy and doesn’t open up much. He tends to focus on one thing at a time even though he has a lot on his mind. He also happens to be student council president and Student speaker for the 10th grade.
Enrolled School: Unstilium

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(Yall may start now :P)

Darren sat in the student council office, tapping his pen on the desk while he read through the paperwork. He sighed loudly. “I know I signed up for this… But man this is so tiring.”

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Rena walked into the office. “Hey Darren. What ya doing” She said laughing.

Cascade hurried down a dimly lit hallway, holding her hand out and suspending a sphere of flames above it for light.

“Where is it…” she hissed, clearly annoyed.

Darren sighed. “More student council work. Dont you have class?” He smiled, trying not to seem rude.

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“It’s my off period. So I thought I’d see if I can help a friend out.”

Darren shook his head. “Sadly you can’t. It was a nice thought though.” He set the pen down, stretching. “So what part of the military are you applied for?”

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She found a door. “Oh- here,” she laughed quietly to herself.

She opened it and found herself in a normal hallway, sprinkled with kids that were a bit late.

She ran straight through them, summoning flames to make the others get out of her way.

A minute later, she opened the class door and slid into her seat, just in time.

Darren held a hand up, hint to pause for a second. “Is that so? Alright, help me out?” He said to no one. The fires in the hallways all died down as if blown out like a candle.

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(What class am I in?)