The Melody OOC


The mansion on the edge of the little known town of Sussex has long been abandoned. It was supposed to be rotted and decayed. Left on its own, no one has lived there for at least 50 years now, if not longer. However, one day eight strangers are brought to this house out of no where. Drawn from their lives forcefully by a song that won’t stop playing in their head unless they are on the grounds of this mansion.When anyone from outside attempts to enter, they experience an immense pain that cannot be stopped.

Curiously, in the house there are eight rooms, all setup for the people who arrive there. These people all being between the ages of 18 and 24. Leaving the house, causes the melody to resume. So it become evident they are trapped. While the media covers this unique situation from the outside, it seems there is to be no rescue. While some may attempt to leave, it becomes clear that the melody will drive them insane if they attempt to stay out for too long.

The house provides food for the eight strangers, but no one knows how or why. Eventually, odd powers begin to emerge in each stranger, but it seems, they might need to discover what is wrong with this house, or be trapped here for ever.

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Name: Lucian Sapia
Power: Time Manipulation (Slow or speed up)
Personality: Odd, strange
Player: ???
Reserved By: Bob Wood

Name: Amanda Davis
Power: Heal Others
Personality: Caring, loyal
Player: ???
Reserved By: Kiara

Name: Rose Foster
Power: Talk to Animals
Personality: Happy, care-free, gentle
Player: ???
Reserved By: Fancepants

Name: Brooklyn Woods
Power: Force Field
Personality: Bossy, Argumentative
Player: ???
Reserved By: Eleanor

Name: Samuel (Sam) River
Power: Shapeshifting to animals
Personality: Odd, flexible
Player: ???
Reserved By: Tom

Fance i havent gotten a profile from you just a picture

Name: Dominika Toldi
Power: Invisibility
Personality: Shy, meek
Player: ???
Reserved By: Asyle


I made my post format and i also posted it’s code in the character thread for those who has no ideas how to make them. Do not just copy the format exactly tho. here is an example of some people’s formats from gaia, where i learned to make these to begin with.

@Tom_Dweeb @Asyle @Elio @Kiara @Bob_Wood I will be creating the first post tonight or tomorrow, do any of you need help with your post formats?

Fance dropped so we still have 2 spots open ~

I can try to do it properly but no guarantees, if I don’t do to it based off of the format can you fix it for me? Sorry about that :frowning:

Dont copy my format pls

What do you mean?

I can help you with another format tho if you need help

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Name: Christopher Thomson
Power: Telepathy
Personality: Bookish, good listener
Player: ???
Reserved by: Goose

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Isn’t it supposed to be based off of the provided power and personality traits? @Pandette

Oh I understand now I’ll fix it.

@Goose @Asyle @Elio @Kiara @Bob_Wood @Fancepants @Tom_Dweeb

You guys don’t have formats yet, can you please either:

A: Create one
B: Give me 3-5 pictures of your character.