The Melody


The mansion on the edge of the little known town of Sussex has long been abandoned. It was supposed to be rotted and decayed. Left on its own, no one has lived there for at least 50 years now, if not longer. However, one day eight strangers are brought to this house out of no where. Drawn from their lives forcefully by a song that won’t stop playing in their head unless they are on the grounds of this mansion.When anyone from outside attempts to enter, they experience an immense pain that cannot be stopped.

Curiously, in the house there are eight rooms, all setup for the people who arrive there. These people all being between the ages of 18 and 24. Leaving the house, causes the melody to resume. So it become evident they are trapped. While the media covers this unique situation from the outside, it seems there is to be no rescue. While some may attempt to leave, it becomes clear that the melody will drive them insane if they attempt to stay out for too long.

The house provides food for the eight strangers, but no one knows how or why. Eventually, odd powers begin to emerge in each stranger, but it seems, they might need to discover what is wrong with this house, or be trapped here for ever.

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Rules >>

  1. Keep everything PG-13
  2. You must have a paragraph minimum. No one sentence.
  3. Proper writing style, use “” for speaking and actions are in the text. If you must have thoughts or flash backs have them be italics.
  4. If you need help with photos please enlist pande’s help ~

Characters >>

Name: Gabriel Sinclaire

Power: Ability to see the future

Personality: Arrogant, Cold, Stand-Offish

Player: Pandette

Reserved By: Pandette

Name: Dominika Toldi

Power: Invisibility

Personality: Shy, meek

Player: Asyle

Reserved By: Asyle

Name: Rose Foster

Power: Talk to Animals

Personality: Happy, care-free, gentle

Player: Fance

Reserved By: Fance

Name: Christopher Thomson

Power: Telepathy

Personality: Bookish, good listener

Player: Goose

Reserved By: Goose

Name: Lucian Sapia

Power: Time Manipulation (Slow or speed up)

Personality: Odd, strange

Player: Bob Wood

Reserved By: Bob Wood

Name: Brooklyn Woods

Power: Force Field

Personality: Bossy, Argumentative

Player: Eleanor

Reserved By: Eleanor

Name: Amanda Davis

Power: Heal Others

Personality: Caring, loyal

Player: Kiara

Reserved By: Kiara

Name: Samuel River

Power: Shapeshifting to animals

Personality: Odd, flexible

Player: Tom

Reserved By: Tom

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  1. Make a reservation on a role (Post this in the OOC thread). You have this reservation for 24 hours.
  2. Dm the following to Pande on discourse. If it’s not indepth enough you may get rejected.
Character Name:
Backstory: (At least 5 paragraphs or more, not too much angst)
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they  said  i  had  no  v i s i o n                                                     
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ :skull_and_crossbones: ━━━━━━
                                                            now  i  s e e  they  were  wrong

Like an explosion, Gabriel startled awake. Sitting up rapidly and throwing his comforter to the floor. For a breath, he sat there, blinking into the darkness of his room. His mind trying to recall what he had just been experiencing. Nothing… nothing… He couldn’t bring back why he had that sense of impending doom. He blinked a few times, his eyelashes brushing his upper cheek, then sighed. It’s no use. He got up, rescuing his comforter from the floor, and threw it on the side of the bed covered with clothes and sheet music. Opening his blackout curtains, he looked out on the small down. Nothing seems amiss… He thought. For some reason, he couldn’t shake this feeling that he needed to know, and if he didn’t something would go wrong.

He pulled on his pants, and then ran the sniff check on his boxers from last night. They passed… barely. Then pulled a shirt that was folded on top of the laundry basket. Pulling it on, and grabbing his name tag, his keys, his wallet, and his flip phone, he ran out the door, not locking it behind him. After all, what were they going to steal? His life was basically a what he had on his person, and a cheap guitar that he got in a garage sale.

“You’re late” His manager said as he walked in to the local starbucks. She was a chubby girl, but had a nice set. Not his type, but if she offered, why would he say no? Brunette girl, and also kind of snobby, the type that treats you a little less because this is just a temporary job for them.

“Yea well… alarm didn’t go off…” He said. She looked at him like she didn’t believe him, but walked away and let him punch in. It was a fairly routine day filled with coffee, cleaning spills, and intentionally misspelling a few people’s names just to see them screw up their face in confusion on how someone can be that dumb. 30 minutes in the bathroom making a sacrifice to the porcelain god on company time, and then back to writing names on cups in sharpies. Well… it was a routine day. But then it started.

At first, it was just a small ringing noise. A hum, like he was near one of those old televisions. Then it got louder, the pitch changed, the tune changed… it was a song. A song that was stuck in his head. However, it wasn’t like an ear worm that gets stuck on repeat. It was just going on and on and on and…

“GABRIEL! GABRIEL!” Fingers snapped into his line of sight when he saw his manager directly in front of him. When his eyes met hers, she was able to discern she had gotten his attend. "What is wrong with you? You’ve been zoned out for the past 10 minutes. He looked around, noticing just then the line of people also staring at him. And that song, it wasn’t stopping. He stepped back from her and the sound got louder. He stepped back towards her, and the volume didn’t change. She was just staring at her like he was crazy.

“I- I- got to go” He pulled off his apron and walked outside. The sound was suddenly louder, and he didn’t understand why or how. It only got more loud in a certain direction, but once it got louder it never quieted down again. What the sweet jesus is going on He cursed.
He started walking towards the sounds obvious direction, knowing he needed to find the source, he needed to make it stop.

Three hours later, after stumbling down several roads, through a few backyards, and an entire orchard, he took a step forward and the melody stopped. Thank the god for that He took a deep breath and stepped back towards home. The melody instantly returned. What the… He stepped back towards the place he had been and it stopped. Great…just fucking great. He sighed, turning towards the direction that he was now stuck in. It wasn’t long until he found a hidden drive. Walking down it, he eventually arrived at an over zealous mansion.

As far as Gabriel could tell, it looks kind of Victorian, but he didn’t know much about houses. He walked up the many stairs in the front yard to the door, and knocked. He waited a few moments. Then knocked again. He looked for a door bell, but none was to be found. Eventually, he just pushed open the door, and it was unlocked. “He…Hello?” He called into the mansion. No one answered. “Creepy…” He walked in, leaving the door open. There was a kitchen, and a living room. And in both direction hall ways. He walked toward the left, trying to figure out what was going on. The first room he came upon had a sign on it that said ‘Christopher Thomson’. Ok… so the family that owned this house were the Thomsons… sure. Who ever the fuck they are. Then came ‘Amanda Davis’, and that left Gabriel very confused until the next room. ‘Gabriel Sinclaire’.

For at least a hot minute, he sat there. Staring, just staring at the door. Then, he went as if to push open the door, and instead decided not to… No… no… His mind thought to his dream. He suddenly had a sense of deja vu. He already knew that room contained guitars and sheet music, and vinyl and so much of the things he loved. He also knew, something about this house was very wrong. Something was wrong, and he didn’t know why. He didn’t go in the room. Understanding he was trapped here, with this Amanda, this Christopher, and how many others. He went to the living room to wait… to wait and see who walked through that door next.

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