The Party Crasher has Arrived…

Hiya guys! it is I CommanderJaws.

I am a dorky/nerdy/adventurous/brave/very awkward/very evil 13 year old girl who lives aboard a sailing yacht.

I’ve been sailing for about two years now, and just finished crossing the Atlantic Ocean, heck ya.

I love Role Playing, going on Adventurous journeys irl and virtually, hanging out with friends at cafes and malls and playing video games. (mostly that last one)

My favourite animals are black panthers and foxes (I cannot decide I luv em both)

I play on Knockturn, Macaroni… I mean Mordonia, The Hive, The Walking Dead, Mineplex and a few more I’m too lazy to add, but if you see me on one, give me a shout! I am always looking for backup when zombies are throwing me into oblivion!

Thats me, CommanderJaws and Crystal_Silver


Welcome to the new forums!

Woah you live on a sailing yacht man dats cool xD hope to see you around more often \o/