The punny pun, joke, and inside joke thing


Welcome to the PUNtastic PUNny Pun, Joke and Inside Joke thing! To start off, I’d like to say this show will FLY like BROOMSTIX do. I QUIDD you not, it will FLY.

Don’t you agree, that anyONE could be CHOSEN for THE most important job? Maybe very likely in the village of NeVILLE.

Y’know what you shouldn’t do? APParate when your shoelaces are unTIE(s)D. You could TRIPP and fall down a pit. And yknow what they say? #IBlameHari or #IBlameBellona. (Which squad are you?)

I think that you’d have a nice time eating BELOGNA in your sandWITCH. Isn’t that SODIUM PUNny? Didn’t you slap your kNEEON that one?

I’d do another chemistry pun waiting for your REACTION but all the good ones ARGON.


Are you humble? Or are you DUMBLE? Did you just say these puns were KRUMMY? Well then, don’t be so CRABBEY. Would it SEAMUS this was getting out of hand? And don’t you dare say ‘Oh for the loveGOOD of God’ I know what I’m doing.

Y’know what Snape and Dumbldore’s conversation was like when the dark lord came and Snape was warning him?
Snape: Headmaster, I’m afraid the Dark Lord has come back to reign.
Dumbledore: Are you SIRIUS?
Snape: No, I’m SEVERUS.
Sirius: sigh

My obsession with harry punter has gotten a bit RIDIKULUS
It’s a SIRIUS problem
But, there’s nothing RON with that.
I’m not going to get MUGGLED because of this right?
But like, Too Bad because I’m NEVILLE going to stop

You know when Sirius comes to Voldemort, there conversation would be like…

Voldy: why so sirius?
Sirius: why so nosy?

Bahaha! So PUNny… so PUNny…
You might find me LESTRANGE but I’m ROWLING on the FLEUR laughing

If Harry Potter took over Stranger things… well.

Me with no coffee (not actually tru):


That is it for today’s Punderful Pawsome Puns! (Stick around for more)

Oh yeah hi again. Wasn’t expecting you.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMANN
Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium BATMANN

This is so much pun so far!

What if winnie the pooh took over HP… Hm…
Harry Poohter


Poohgardium Leviosaah

Excepto Poohtronum

Aren’t I just so Punny!

I think I brought the RON type of Bread home today.
It was called GINGERbread

It’s kinda stale and each slice tastes weasley…

I don’t like BELLAtwixes much.
Mostly cause’ of the caremel
Maybe it’s me, but I don’t want candy that’ll be slytherin down my throat

I know why Griffindor is Gryffindor. Because it’s inside… Gryff indoor.
Not Gryff outside. haha

Why is Neville called Neville Longbottom? Is it because he wears pants… basically all the time? Neville Shortbottom… Nah doesn’t sound right… Oh well! shrugs

Do you Hustle? Or do you Huffle? \o>

The best house is not Ravenclaw… Or HufflePuff… Or Gryffindor… Not even Slytherin… The best house is Slotherin… And Slothclaw. oh and some HuffleFluff… and a Slothdor.

Am I being Riddikulus? Or are you? Am I even being Sirius right now? Because you’re just so Lestrange… I hope you dont mind me Rowling on the fleur Laughing my ginger red heart out.

Hari… Hari? Hari Potter :0 Hari is Hari Potter. She He is the chhosen one. Hari potter for the win-

Snape - e + ple =
you’re a drink now

I dont think I have any more puns
Any punny ones anyways…
You might get Punished if you try to make fun of me.
I’ll slytherin to your conversations and ties you.
Then I’ll Apparate away, an try not to trip over my untied laces.
Then I’ll look at the quidditch ties er and hope it goes well.

That’s it for us weirdos
why are you reading this

i hope this posts my internet is dying
pls help


So, so proud. You keep at it and you’ll be the new Pun-isher. Just learn a bit of evil, and you’ll get the hang of it :wink:

~ The Pun-Isher ~


I think I have the hang of it

But yknow what’s better?
Me slytherin into all conversations (’:


Uh oh… you made a ties pun


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picks up sword I cannot allow this not again


I’ve already faced the wrath of ties from making ties puns xD

Also his named is pronounced tees so most puns don’t work lol


True my name is not pronounced the way the word is. So puns don’t really work but still… somehow picks up another sword


But I like to ties him


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@Crystal_Silver help me out here


Wha- that’s not fair

I need a punny ally

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This is completely fair I call upon the Kristen to help me

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I call upon… THE PHOENIX



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Ties… even your cat Ollie thinks your puns are catastrophic

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You stole ARGON from my beautiful chemistry pun show noooo
Plus, you forgot the sodium-sodium-sodium-sodium-sodium-BATMAN!


delte this
its supposed to e in this show today ):


Aw don’t ties poor Ties



it hurt my eyes to read this, literally
my head aches