The Pyromancer Spell "Boom" Doesn't Respawn The Broken Blocks. [MORDONIA]


I will ban for 48 hours anyone who submits a bug report before reading this documentation. If you submit a bug report that is not legit, you will get tempbanned, you’ve been warned.
How To Submit a Ticket:

The following plugins will not receive fixes if reported on the forums instead of gitlab: Lessons, Fundamentals, Brooms

Title your posts - - [Plugin] ie Lumos gives everyone night vision [Spellbook] - [HOGWARTS/MORDONIA/ALL]

Sample Headers ->
Lumos gives entire server Night Vision - [Spellbook|Charms] - [Hogwarts]
Random items dropping from owls - [UNKNOWN] - [Hogwarts]
Shops is bugging out due to alcohol - [KShops] - [ALL]

What is the Bug?: When the spell “Boom” is casted on the floor sometimes the chunks never respawn, so it leaves the floor with a chunk out of it.

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.12.2

Steps to reproduce bug:
//BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. If your steps are not clear or missing pieces we may not be able to find the bug and label it ‘this user is stupid’.

  • Cast Boom
  • Waiting for chunks to respawn
  • Chunks sometimes never respawn

Is there anything else to include that isn’t part of reproducing it? I don’t think so.

IGN: JustMeTom

Did you relog before submitting this bug report? Yes

Did you actually check the other bug reports first? Yes

Did you make sure your title is CLEAR and to the POINT not something cute or poorly worded so we can identify this bug with it’s content? Yes

Did you actually follow the documentation or did you think ‘nah i will risk a 48 ban to post something stupid’? Yes

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This seems to be a bug with Magic plugin and applies to other block-destroying spells. If you spam those spells in the same place, some of the blocks won’t respawn and will create a hole. Unfortunately, it’s not one we can fix. I can only advise you (general “you”) to not abuse this bug, as we will count it as griefing.

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Okay thanks

Just a suggestion, as core protect exists in the server, maybe you can use that to rebuild stuff?

We can use rollbacks, yes, but we’ll probably only reserve it for large scale griefing - like we do in the present. Only admin+ can rollback and we’re certainly not wasting man power fixing every little hole or risking the chance we enter a field wrong and an entire area is rollbacked.