The Quibblers Club - Application

Fill out this form to receive approval for your club to become official! (This does not apply to official Quidditch teams)
Please note this form is to be filled out only when the money is raised or when you are registering your already official club

Title Topic: Club Name - Application (ONLY if you are applying for the first time)
Title Topic: Club Name (ONLY if this club is ALREADY official and you are just registering it)

Name of Club:
The Quibblers Club

Owner Roleplay Names and IGN’s:
(Min of 1, max of 4)
Ethan [walloframen] Lovegood
Maya [Soul_Pixelz] Lovegood

Total Club Member Count
(Minimum of 10 members, no limit after the 10)
Two owners and currently 8 interested.

Will you require a room in Hogwarts?
(Club Rooms are used for your club to have their meetings, but some clubs do not wish to have a room.)

What are the cords of your club room if you already have one?
(If not put N/A)

What is the main goal and purpose of the club?
(Describe what meetings will be like and what your club will do as a whole.)
Quibblers - members of the Quibblers club. This club is just like scouts, but in a different way. The main thing is to meet new people and make friends, moreover to have a group of them! This club includes all kinds of activity, like talking about planet saving, making conspiracy theories, competing in tournaments and contests. We would also have regular meetings, dinner parties, quiz nights and even more!

How will you choose or invite the members?
They could apply on discourse, through discord or by leaving a letter in our mailbox!

Are there any requirements to join? If so, what are they?
(This includes any standards they must meet in order to join. Ex: A certain year, house, love of cake, etc).

Is this club already official?
(Meaning you have paid the fee and/or have a club room and are just registering it)

Commitment: You have read and agreed to all the rules and regulations, failure to comply or keep standard club practices will result in club termination by order of the Ministry.
Have ALL club owners agree to these guidelines
(Names of club owners)
Ethan Lovegood
Maya Lovegood


Congratulations, your club application has been approved!

Club name: The Quibblers Club

Now that you’ve been approved, here’s what is expected of you and your club!

First things first:
Give the money (800 Galleons) to your Club Admin Bellona [ Narwhaldo ] Spiritus in game.

It appears here that you will be needing a club room! Please contact an Admin+ in game to set up your room! Also please /mail send Narwhaldo the cords to your club room

Please make sure your club room follows all building guidelines! If you break any building codes your club room will be revoked. You’re club will still be a club, but you will not have a club room. You will normally be given a one to two week notice to fix it.

Have a magical day from the Clubs Staff!

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