The Restaurants Of Food Street - A Strange Roleplay

Apologies for grammar:

What could go wrong in a street where only food places are? Not much, apart from many of the places shutting down due to the good places taking all the customers. On Food street, however, it’s very different. Managers of restaurants fight to make their places the best, taking it as far as to kill, to succeed. It’s a tough world at Food Street.

Hi, so I’ve not done a roleplay in a while and decided to make this one, even if it is completely ridiculous. In this you can do whatever you want to stop others doing well, you can kill, burn down buildings and even trick customers. However, make sure to think of the consequences, yes the police do exist. If you want people to work in your restaurant you can make NPC’s or ask other people doing the roleplay :slight_smile: . NPC owned restaurants are Bob’s Burgers, Anne’s Pie Place, Aunty Jean’s Homely Deli, The Good Food Place and Evil Monkey’s Ice Cream Parlor.

To participate simply fill in one of the forms (Restaurant Owner, Customer, Chef, Waiter/Waitress, Bartender or other)

Restaurant Owner Form (This is for your own custom restaurant design, however if you want to own one of the NPC owned restaurants, e.g Evil Monkey’s ice Cream Parlor, just put the name of that restaurant in the restaurant name part)

Name: Jeff
Age:(Charater Must be 18 or over): 56
Restaurant Name: Cacti Place
Restaurant Theme: Cacti Food
Personality: Mean
Appearance: Tough Looking

Customer Form:

Name: Jeff 2
Age: 100000
Favorite Restaurant: Cacti Place
Personality: Nice
Appearance: Green

Chef Form:

Age: 10
Best Dish: Cacti Pudding
Best Cooking Theme (e.g Indian, Chinese, sweet stuff…): Cactus
Personality: Tough
Appearance: Big
Restaurant you’re working at: Cacti Place

Waiter/Waitress form:

Name: Jeffy
Age: 9000
Restaurant you’re working at: Cacti Place
Personality: Annoying
Appearance: Small


Restaurant you’re working at:


Name: ???
Age: ???
Restaurant you’re working at: ???
Personality: ???
Appearance: ???
Role: ???

Name: Lucian
Age (Charater Must be 18 or over): 25
Restaurant Name: The Evil Monkey’s Ice Cream Parlor
Restaurant Theme: Ice Cream and monkey’s
Personality: Lucian may seem kind and caring on the outside, however, he’s evil and cunning in the inside. It’s as if his whole outside appearance is a lie to benefit himself in the future. He sometimes lets out his evil side to his employees.
Appearance: Lucian has a dark brown hair and green eyes. His face always seems to have a blank expression on it, he never smiles or looks upset or angry. He has short hair and pointy ears. Lucian is average height and quite skinny.

(Dude this sounds amazing)

Name: People call her Tato
Age: 32
Restaurant Name: Da Potato Madness Market
Restaurant Theme: Potatoes
Personality: Potatoie
Appearance: Skinny as a toothpick (lol)

Name: Ella Toast
Age:(Charater Must be 18 or over): 23
Restaurant Name: Toast
Restaurant Theme: Toast
Personality: Kind of insane, competitive
Appearance: Long brown hair, freckles, tan skin, and brown eyes. She normally wears a headband with toast on it, a belt with toast on it, and toast shoes. (I actually own toast shoes. Trust me, they exist)

(Might as well start now :smiley:)

Lucian stood behind the counter in his parlor, his fingers tapping against the cold, white marble surface. The whole restaurant what white, the walls, the tables, the chairs and even the windows were tainted white! However, in each table was a small money figure as well as giant cartoon monkeys and ice cream stickers stuck on the walls and windows. Behind him was a black board with all the ice cream flavours written on it and on the counter was a freezer with ice cream in it. To the left of him, still behind the counter, was a door leading to the kitchens where the ice cream is made. However, even though his ice cream was the best and it was hot outside, he only had three measly customers. He sighed and walked to the glass door of his parlor and outside to Food street. He looked down the colorful street, trying to spot who was stealing all his customers…