<The Sign Shops aren't working for me>-[ sign shops ]


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What is the Bug?: Whenever I try to buy something in the shop it opens the gui but doesn’t allow me to click on anything, it doesnt even let me go to the next page.

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.11.2

Steps to reproduce bug:

  • Open a sign shop
  • Try and click on an item

IGN: captaintater

Did you relog? Yes multiple times

something extra: I checked with other people in Diagon alley and they told me the shops were working fine for them so this might just be something with me.

I also realized that the other bug report behind mine also had trouble with the shops but he couldn’t open them at all and I can open them but cant click on any items.

Hello, I stayed of the server for a week because of the problem i was having, When i had returned to the server the problem had been solved, not sure if its something that the staff did or it just fixed itself but thanks.