The Sunshine Store! (Mordonia)

Welcome to the Sunshine Store!
Here we have a variety of items to suit your Mordonia needs, whatever they may be!
Have a look!

We sell:

  • Discs
  • Blocks
  • Mob Drops
  • Potion Ingredients
  • Random Tools and Armor (Including arrows and golden apples)
  • Enchantment Books
  • Plants (including Saplings and Flowers)
  • Valuables (Horse Armor, saddles, nametags, spawn eggs)
  • Minerals (Diamonds, Gold, Redstone, Iron)

Items are being updated and restocked almost daily.
The shop is located right at the entrance to /warp market. It has a light blue awning and the floor is decorated with an Askarian color theme.

~May your lives be blessed with Sunshine!~

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if there’s a sunshine store… is there a darkness store? o-o

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noooo! all must be happy and sparkly and bright! optimism! yay!

also i sell enchantment books now thats a thing

If I were an angel. Which I’m not… I would consider approaching your shop. I’m a Demon, sunshine is like acid to my scaly skin :3.

(jk I buy stuff from every shop in the market xD)