The Update And The New Snazzy Features

As you all know, today the server has been down for a couple hours due maintenance. A few of you think that we only updated the server version to 1.15.2, however, thanks to the works of our devs and a couple other staffies we actually bring quite a few features along with this version update!


Yep, you heard it right, /hoggyback is back! For those of you who are new and are wondering what in the world is hoggyback, it basically allows players to pick up other players. How to do it? Very simple, make sure your target has “/hoggyback” on, and right clik them while you crouch :open_mouth:.
Curious about how this works? Check it out the 2 versions in Michael’s repositories: hoggyback and serena.
Main Dev: Michael King


While the new realese isn’t on the server yet, Pandetta is working very hard on it’s brand new version and we hope to have it up and running in the following weeks!
Main Dev: Pandetta Bell

Year Chat

After Ava Tonks suggested creating a chat for each year, Michael worked on implementing it. :heart_eyes: To speak in it use the $ symbol.
Main Dev: Michael King


Sadly after the 1.13 update, we lost two of the smallest features we had always taken for granted /sit and /lay. Quite a few users complained, however, there was no similar plugin out there that could replace it and hence we decided to make our own and make /lay a bit more fancy, but I’ll leave you to find out what changed. :wink:
Curious about how this works? Check it out in my repository here.
Main Dev: Daniel Owen


Within the new couple of days, there will be a brand new quest on the server! Look around Subyork Alley and help Dahlia King find her missing son. In addition, the main tutorial and the spell casting tutorial have both been updated and can be redone by all players if they want to. Alaclara is now in the study hall room, which you can find at /guide studyhall. The pets quest is currently disabled but will be enabled when the new pets plugin is ready for the server. Always remember to check your quest book for new quests and we look forward to releasing new quests soon! Thanks for being patient! :heart:
Thanks to: Haley King


There’s rumours that a new spell regarding bees and a new apparate skin you may find here have been implemented :open_mouth: And Muggleborn detectors now blind muggleborns and give nausea to half bloods but longer harms them.
Main Dev: Michael King


As probably all of you noticed, in 1.13 and 1.14 we had insane lag spikes. Hopefully now after switching server clients and updating to a more stable version we’ll notice a decrease of these inpleasent moments. :smile:

Texture pack

As with all updates, a new version of our texture pack has been realesed, we know there are a few items that are bugged, but we’ll get to upload a patch asap! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks to: Melody, Cris, Elder and Theo


As always, updates bring new bugs :slightly_frowning_face: a few of them like /profile are just waiting approval, however if you find any of these please head to our gitea and report them, please. If you can’t create an account or have any doubts on how to, don’t hesitate to approach a staff member or ask in #help in our discord.

Hope you enjoy this update! If any questions feel free to ask them here or ask a staff member!
Hope y’all have a great day :heart: