The Valeur

So, Ophelia and I collaborated on this roleplay! Basically, it takes place on a pirate ship called The Valeur, as you can probably guess. We pull into various ports, loot, and repeat! Sometimes we’ll be on land, but we will spend a big chunk of time on the ship. There may even be some conflict (hue). So, since every ship has order and whatnot, we have a list of positions needed on the ship:

The Captain
*First Mate
Boatswain (if we can get enough people)
Master- leader of a certain section (such as Master Carpenter, Master Gunner)
Sea Artist
Cooks (don’t have a description in the Doc because it’s kind of self-explanatory)
General Crew/Deckhands

*The Quartermaster and First Mate could be the same person, working in conjunction with the Captain.

These are some positions you can apply for in the roleplay, but make sure the position isn’t already taken before you decide to apply.

The format goes as follows:

RP Name:
RP Age (18+, please IRP):
Personality/Background (I know people like dropping personality info in their backgrounds):

~ Rules ~

  1. No OP characters, please :heart:
  2. No NSFW (the characters are adults, but please, keep it PG (although fighting and combat is allowed))
  3. Stick to the plot, and don’t monopolize the RP with your character
  4. As much as we’d love a bunch of teenagers running around a pirate ship, please make your characters adults xD
  5. No metagaming, powerplaying, etc.

~ Kiara’s Character ~

RP Name: Sasha Steele
Position: The Captain
RP Age: 21
Appearance: Sasha is of average height, with brown hair, tan skin, and ocean-blue eyes. She has a mole just over her lip.
Personality/Background: She and her younger sister, Andromeda, grew up on the streets together. They both pickpocketed, stealing what they could to make a living. They grew up like this, always together. Soon enough, when Sasha was sixteen and Andromeda was thirteen, Sasha was caught stealing and Andromeda killed someone in a duel. They both ran for the nearest exit, searching for a way out, until they found The Valeur, about to leave port. Hurriedly, they stowed away and departed with the crew. Over the course of many years on the ship, the crew took them in, and, eventually, Sasha was elected captain because of her skill with a sword, daring, and charisma. Eventually, members of the crew left, and new ones joined, until none of the old crew remained except for Sasha and Andromeda.

Sasha is a natural born leader, managing to come across as both charismatic/friendly and tough-as-nails at the same time. She knows what she wants and how to get it, and she often demonstrates this quality in negotiations and in battle, where she thrives. She knows that a good leader needs to be both strong and approachable, and loves to share laughs with her crew and sister.

RP Name: Andromeda Steele
Position: First Mate / Quartermaster
RP Age: 18
Appearance: Fiery Red hair, the same ocean blue eyes as her sister Sasha, mildly tan, rough skin, fairly short (5’3)
Personality / Background: Andromeda grew up with her sister Sasha, wandering the streets. They stayed together and made a living by pickpocketing, until one day, Andromeda got into a duel with someone and killed them. The very same day, Sasha got caught pickpocketing and she was being chased. They found each other and clambered onto the nearest ship, which happened to be the Valeur. They escaped and were never found, but they now lived a pirate’s life. The years went by and members of the Valuer slowly died, and Sasha was elected to be the captain and Andromeda the first mate / quartermaster. More people joined the crew as the old members died off, and that’s where we are right now. Andromeda works today helping to man the ship ruthlessly, providing a strict and violent side to the crew to maintain order and a little bit of spice :wink: Andromeda is also a very good fighter, using her two incredibly sharp buccaneer swords to slice people to ribbons of necessary ;3

(canni be like a stowaway or prisoner?)

(sure, fam)

RP Name: Matthew Rakter
Position: Prisoner
RP Age: 22
Appearance: Matthew has brown hair and amber eyes, A tan, Tall; 6’
Personality/Background: Matthew served as a soldier in the Navy, but was brought aboard The Valeur as a prisoner as the rest of his crew was killed in the battle. He lost his two knives and sword to the pirates.

RP name: Dave Gunner
position: Master gunner
RP age: 70

Character desc:
Dave has is very wrinkly and has a long grey hair, also a long grey beard, he is normally found wearing a red top and baggy trousers. He also has a flintlock pistol attached to his belt. As a secondary weapon he has a golden knife.

He was a pirate from the age of 11 as a cabin boy. His father was a pirate captain but one day another pirate ship attacked the ship killing his father. He got washed up on a beach and lived in a village and learned to use guns in till he was 67 when he went to pirating once again.

(Later, we may have a poll for a crucial plot point <:)

(Can we start or should we wait for more people?)

(I think we should wait for now. As soon as we get a certain number of people, we can start, and then more can pop in later)

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RP Name: Aliara Trynia
Position: Gunner
RP Age (18+, please IRP): 25
Appearance: Aliara has long red hair and very very very dark green eyes. She has a scar on her right eye and freckles. She is missing one eye. She looks like this:screencapture-dolldivine-anime-thief-heroine-php-1505331415426 (Just tell me if this isn’t realistic in the time period)
Personality/Background (I know people like dropping personality info in their backgrounds): Aliara came from a poor family. Mostly everything had been taken from her, including her eye. When she was 8 thieves came to her house and burnt it down. Aliara was only alive because they thought she was dead. Before they left they slashed her eye and removed it. Ever since Aliara has only had one eye and wants revenge.

(Tis a bit modern, but fantabulous)

(Yeh, I went overboard on the description of what she looks like. I love fashion too much. Bascially, I wanted to show what she looks like but… the clothes were all modern.)

(Still very fancy, I should have probably gone more in depth with Sasha’s appearance xD)

(@Sofia @Adam_Boynton @Bob_Wood @_Ophelia, I guess we can start RP, anyone who wants to can jump in later)

Sasha woke up early that morning, stretching before getting ready for the day and leaving the Captain’s cabin. She smiled at the bright sky, observing that fewer people were already awake than normal. She checked the kitchens, seeing that the cooks were already at work.

Matthew woke with a start. He remembered the events of the past few days and groaned.

He waited, dreading the captain’s imminent arrival, as always(If that’s powergaming, sorry).