The Westing Game/Town of Salem RP Characters

This rp will be similar to The Westing Game and the game Town of Salem. For those of you who have not read The Westing Game, here is a link to a summary of the book:

16 carefully selected individuals wake up in an abandoned warehouse with no clear exit. They do not know each other. The only thing they recall is the one thing they do best, their occupation. They are all left a note. It states: “One of you is the murderer, and that individual will not stop until all of you are dead. Your job is simple. Kill the murderer, and I will set the remaining individuals free.”


Throughout the RP, I will make statements as to who has been murdered, injured, etc. in due time. You will not select your occupation yourself. Instead select a number from 1-16. Each number represents an occupation. Occupations will be given privately when there’s enough people and are not to be shared (unless necessary). They are similar to TOS roles. If individuals are injured for 3 days straight, they will die. The only individual(s) that can kill is the murder, who can kill every other night, the vigilante, or if someone is publicly executed.

Roles are as follows: (x2, in no particular order)

  • Doctor: Every night gets to choose who to heal.
  • Judge: Decides who gets to be voted up to be executed.
  • Bomber: Every other night chooses to bomb an individual. (will not die)
  • Arsonist: Causes a fire every other night directed at an individual. (will not die)
  • Vigilante: Shoots someone during the night. If they are innocent, they die the following night.
  • Bodyguard: Guards someone, if they are killed, they die instead. Can heal themselves once.
  • Spy: Chooses someone every night and gets to know who they visited.
  • Survivor: Gets to heal themselves 3 times.

There is one judge, the last role would be the murderer. During the night throughout the RP, dm me on discord for your actions.
To participate fill out the following:

RP Name: (first, last) 
Age: (this should be reasonable) 
Number: (1-16, do not pick a number that has already been chosen)
Personality Traits: (both negative and positive)
Background: (be lengthy and describe how your individual acquired these traits)

All role-play will take place here:


Name: Aidan (wow wonder how I got that)

RP Name: (first, last) Aidan Miller
Age: (this should be reasonable) 16

Number: (1-16, do not pick a number that has already been chosen) 6

Personality Traits: (both negative and positive)

Observational, doesn’t trust people until he knows people, quick and agile, witty and quick thinking. Can get annoyed easily but learns to forgive people fast.

Background: (be lengthy and describe how your individual acquired these traits)

Since a child, Aidan was a trickster. Always getting into mischief, because quite frankly he was bored. He always wanted to be playing a game because he thought he knew it all- but he didn’t. Over time he learned, grew, and matured past the concept of that game. However, Aidan is extremely cautious of those he does not know. He is distrustful of them, and believes they have something against him if he feels like they were hiding something. He can be judgmental, but at the end is always understanding.

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Please pick either Aidan Todoroki or Mirabelle Iani, this is an ooc rp and doesn’t have to relate to your ktn profile so you can change it completely if you want :smiley:

Lowkey thought you meant like name as in your name in this thread than rp name like as hogs or mord… fixed tho

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Nope! Sorry for not being clear enough

We should also have an OOC forums chat linked to this so that we can just chitchat, we all know it’s gonna happen
Name: Dagan/HarryK
RP Name: (first, last) Tomas Everett
Age: (this should be reasonable) 22
Number: (1-16, do not pick a number that has already been chosen) 9
Personality Traits: (both negative and positive)
Charming, Intelligent
Selfish, Hardheaded, Poor moral compass, excellent thief.
Background: (be lengthy and describe how your individual acquired these traits)
Born and raised in the slums of his town, but with an eye towards Harvard, Tomas had to fight to survive, sometimes literally. He wasn’t the best at it, but over time, he grew to want everything that could help him for himself - be it stealing 20$ from that old grandma, or be it snatching bread from a baker’s stand. Several times in his youth, he was caught. He never made it to college, but had the intellect enough to be a Yale/Harvard student. He grew to hate his family though, and tried to start anew without his family, putting his past behind him. He did whatever it took to get ahead, and found himself in the building.

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I’ll make these changes when I get home, thank for for making a suggestion!

Name: Kiara
RP Name: Talia Henderson
Age: 19
Number: 2
Personality Traits: Clever, intelligent, and kind with a sassy streak. Stubborn, self-righteous, and loyal to a fault, but a caring, nurturing person at heart.
Background: Born into a wealthy family, Talia received a formal education and most of whatever else she wanted. However, her parents didn’t spoil her, teaching their daughter the values of hard work they had to learn in order to get to where they were. Although she was sheltered as a child, she made it a point to go out exploring as a teenager, and her parents reluctantly taught her self-defense because they wanted her to be safe now that she had adopted a more rebellious approach to her normal lifestyle. Because of her previously sheltered lifestyle, she often firmly believes she is right (as she is not used to being contradicted), but her naivete causes her to be fiercely loyal to her friends and those she loves.

(Is there a specific age range most characters would be or is it just anything, as long as it’s reasonable?)

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I would imagine be reasonable means no extremes (like you’re not gonna be a 12 year old doctor or a 70 year old bodyguard)


You choose your age before you know your occupation, 12 is a bit young and 70 is definitely extensive. 16 and 22 are within limits though

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Name: Derek
RP Name: Alan Smith
Age: 13
Number: 3
Personality Traits: Loyal, Helpful, Trusting, observational, can be rude without knowing it, forgiving, agile, strong, fast, will go to great lengths to get back at someone. Very sneaky and good at stealing.
Backround: Alan has always been a go getter. And with that determination he has exeld in school and sports. But a month ago his mother died,and his father started to drink… heavily. His brother turned to drugs and theft. But Alan stayed in school and got straight A’s but his family was failing. He managed to get them help and in a shelter and he was about to go live with his friend when he woke up in the warehouse.

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Name: Mojo [Not my real name, I’d just rather not]

RP Name: Vivianne Oriante
Age: (this should be reasonable) 18

Number: 13

Personality Traits: Stand-offish [at first], shy, sarcastic, lacks a filter, clingy [once trusted], gluttonous

Background: Vivianne has grown up all her life believing that all people are evil, as that’s what her parents taught her. Although, ever since she’s freed herself from their precence she has begun to open up a little more. She clings to those who treat her kindly. Still, due to her lack of proper communication she hardly has a filter on what she says. She speaks her mind and thinks nothing of it. [Sorry for the shorter end of the backgrounds, it’s not my strong suit]


Name: Tom

RP Name: Jack Frinne

Age: 19

Number: 8

Personality Traits: (Very) Intelligent, calm, rather insane, doesn’t talk much, arrogant, agile and quick.

Background: Jack grew up in an orphanage, as his parents had died in a car crash. His intellect was high from the beggining, as he learnt most stuff before other kids and generally was more intelligent. He was always very, very odd and would often either not be seen at all, trying to do strange experiments in his room, or read in the corner. He was let into school 2 years early, but managed completely fine, except for the social interactions. This was one of his only weaknesses, as he mainly thinks about his own needs and simply doesn’t understand that he should even care. Jack was sometimes bullied because of that, so his slim body allowed him to be wuick and run away. He has been studying for 2 years in Cambridge university, surgical faculty just when he woke up in the warehouse.